Boston. We love you ❤️

Despite the cool. Despite the rain – we decided we love Boston.

It’s easy to get around. It’s a great walking city. There’s lots to see and the food is great.

This morning, we had coffee, did our washing and headed off. First a visit to Faneuil Hall. What a great market place for food. The fresh food markets are nearby and the cooked prepared foods are inside.

We jumped in an Uber and were at Harvard Sq by 10.30. Our guide Mike was quite the performer. In fact half way through the tour he told us in was in a drag show that night.

He was a good fun guide and kept the large group informed and moving along.

We heard lots of stories about how Harvard got its name, how women were not admitted until the 90’s. Women studied at Radcliffe. Now it is coeducational and women are dominating the numbers. We heard about living in the houses. 90% live on campus.

We heard about the buildings. They are grand and lovely.

One of the houses for students. JFK lived here.

The Library in particular is stunning and built with money donated.

Unfortunately you have to be a student to enter but Mike told us to visit the Boston Public Library as it had a reading room identical to that at Harvard.

After the tour we visited the Harvard Art Gallery. It’s a very good collection. Much has been donated by past students.

Georgia O’Keeffe

Man Ray. I thought he only did photography!

Now it was time for a good piece of American history. We went out to the JFK Museum. It’s a very grand structure about 20 mins from the city centre facing the Boston Harbour.

An orchestra performed in the atrium.

Lots of film clips if JFKs speeches. He was charismatic.

Beautiful rooms with memorabilia of the times

Then it was back to the city to the Boston Public Library. What a wonderful building. Old at the front and linked with a courtyard to a new serviceable part at the back.

The old………

And the new

We walked back to North End past

Trinity Church

The Boston Common with a Japanese festival!

Through the theatre district, Faneuil Hall and straight to the Oyster Company. It was at this stage my phone died so no pictures ! 😢

But I can describe the big succulent plump oysters, the Prosecco to give them life, and the smart jokes from the oyster shuckers as we sat at the round oyster bar chatting to a lovely couple from New Hampshire. These Americans are so friendly.

We called into book a table at one of the many good Italian restaurants in North End. Tonight it was ‘Strega’. Steve was over the moon with his veal chop stuffed with prosciutto. I loved my risotto de mare. again!

We finished with a limoncello and planned our trip tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Boston. We love you ❤️

  1. You’re crisscrossing over my old stomping grounds, making me homesick! I grew up in nearby Arlington. Are you heading out to Concord? Or going further west out to Williamstown?


    • Hi yes we went to Concord. I wrote about it in an earlier post! Beautiful place and one of the few sunny days we’ve had. It’s such a beautiful area. Went to Lexington as well and Louisa May Alcott Orchard House!


  2. Enjoyed your day! I learnt about Harvard from MASH… Charles Emerson Winchester 111, studied medicine there. Love how you and Steve live every minute to the max… great travellers. Bx🤩


  3. Excellent journey log today, Fran. Too bad the phone died, but you painted a delicious spread of oysters in my mind. Have-ad is a special place.
    Santa Barbara last year, Baston this year, what American city will you be in next year at this time (and can we join you)? Continued enjoyment on your East Coast travels.


  4. Thank you for sharing your travels – I was briefly in Boston in 2001 – what I remember and what you have seen were very different. It makes me think I need to go back one day – I think I may have to start my next ‘tour’ with one of those apples on sticks from one of your first photos here!

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