How to Beat Jet Lag . 

Jet lag. That fuzzy feeling you get after a long plane flight.

Don’t let it get the better of you.

Plan positively to overcome it and you’ll thank yourself!

Choose flights carefully. When leaving,  try not to leave late at night. It means you start or finish  your holiday missing a proper nights sleep. Try and do day flights as much as you can.

Reset Your Bodyclock:

What ever time you leave, straight away reset your clock to the time at your destination. Then on the plane work to that time. You might be tempted to keep watching movies – but they just stimulate. Decide when you want to sleep and put on a mask, jam in some earplugs, and curl up as much as you can. Try and sleep.


As sad as it is alcohol doesn’t help. Try and limit the number of drinks, but drink plenty of water. Also a Berocca tablet helps. Before, during and after the flight.


When you get home keep moving. This time I arrived home at 7am and straight away showered,  unpacked, put on the washing then went to the pool. It was a lovely sunny winters day and the I swam for 4about 45mins then sat in the sun and had coffee. So if you don’t swim go for a walk, wash the car, sweep the outside of your home – anything to get you moving preferably in the sun. Hold out until the evening before sleeping. if you can’t have a short nap fairly early in the afternoon and then go for a walk , do some food shopping and cook an early dinner. Early to bed and if you have something to help you sleep take it!

Get back into routine as quickly as you can. Your body will thank you!