Moving ahead …..

I got back from three glorious days at Byron and felt rejuvenated and very grateful to have such beautiful friends. 

Thank you girls for the fun times and the pamper box of goodies. The ‘happy pills’, the hand therapy, the cross to grip when in need, the Moët, the restful candle, the spa voucher…… so many thoughtful gifts. 

As I arrived home we saw El and Peter arriving out of an Uber after having lunch at their favourite Vietnamese restaurant in West End. 

They were happy after the first 2hr Physio session at the RBH. It went well and there is a plan. 

Pete has exercises to do and prepare for his prosthetic. 

He can travel to Cambodia for their wedding. 

Then in the afternoon he and El went with Steve to the marriage registry office to plan their ‘official wedding’ 👰 🎩 

They returned so excited. The date is set. A small official wedding on Nov 25th. 

So by late afternoon Pete was exhausted but happy. 

Byron break

Going away with girlfriends is always a good idea. 

So this weekend I’m in Byron Bay with my little bookclub girls. We are all friends from years of working as Teacher Librarians. 

It’s just what I need. 

Peter and El are at home. Steve has arrived back from the States and they went out for lunch and probably watched the football. 

We’re staying at a great house on a hill back from the beach opposite Top Shop a very popular coffee shop. 

Today we had a late start and then wandered the leafy streets of Byron checking out the shops and indulging in a little retail therapy. 

A lovely break. 

Day by Day

We had to be up bright and early today. Hard!

Carol the OT was coming to check on things and advise. Bit late I think! 

The day progressed slowly. Pete stretched out resting, eating, dozing, playing on the computer, watching tv and generally trying to divert the mind off the pain. 

I had a coffee with the lovely Patsy and spent some time on the phone talking to people who may be able to help Pete with his phantom pain. 

A lovely doctor who specialises in acupuncture spent quite a lot of time talking to me about his approach to pain management. We’ll visit him next week. 

Then a long conversation with doctor from Adelaide a member of NOI pain management group. He’s going to send information on mirror box therapy. 

No stone unturned. 

This afternoon,  Elena -Peter’s fiancé, did a  conversation class with Ros and myself and we missed Pat. but it was fun. 

If you want a little Italian conversation please contact me. Elena was great. 

Then this evening Peter’s GP, our neighbor, came for a visit. He’s so good and reassuring for Pete,  with the pain he’s experiencing. 

So we’re taking it a day at a time. That way we’ll get there. 

 No place like home. 

Pete arrived home yesterday. Yah

Friends called around in the afternoon to welcome him back. 

Rob and Jordan came for dinner. 

Our friend and neighbor Bruce Jones is Peter’s GP. He called in for a chat. How lucky are we to have his doctor living so close. 

Lovely to have him home. El is cooking and making him comfortable. 

Here’s to a successful rehab when it starts at RBH in about 2 weeks.

We just need luck and prayers to  keep him safe. 

Today we had a quieter day, catching up on sleep, playing cards and eating home cooked food. 

Big Steps 

It’s a few days since my last update. 

Things have moved quite quickly. Pete has really responded to the idea of coming home. Who could blame him! 

He’s been having twice daily Physio learning to walk with crutches and on a frame. Very tiring for him, so he’s also sleeping better. 

He’s much more alert as the drugs have changed in preparation for home. IV drips are down to 1 in his leg and that comes out today! So that will be interesting as the pain is harder to control in pill form. They are getting the cocktail right. 

His operation pain is improving but the phantom pain persists. He started mirror box therapy and we’re thinking of acupuncture. 

I’ve had one suggestion for a good acupuncturist but if anyone has another suggestion please let me know. 

He’s enjoying getting out in the wheelchair to the garden and the cafe. 

Today he signed up for dog therapy! That’s more for El than him I think. She’s missing her little sausage dog Simpson. 

Some mates are visiting this afternoon and if he’s up to it they’ll wheel him to the brewery next door. Doctors said he could have a beer! 🍻 

So it looks like home on Sunday if we get everything lined up. He’s looking forward to his own bed and home cooked meals ( he actually has been only eating home cooked meals, but out of containers) His appetite has come back. 

So this has been a week of moving forward. 

Good to see smiles. 

Rehab starts at RBH in about 2 weeks. Until then Physio and OT at home. 

Thanks again for your 🙏🏼 your ❤️ 🎁 and your cooking. All much appreciated. 

Up and Down

Peter had lots of visitors on Saturday and Sunday morning but was struggling with the pain and finding it hard. He brightens when friends are there but drops when they go. 

There are going to be days like that. Down,down, down. 

But thank goodness for no nonsense nurses. Deb listened to him but was so definite in what she expected of him, that he started to listen. 

She organised extra Physio sessions which involved moving around the ward, showering himself, bed exercises , daily goal setting and a visit to the gym. 

Fortunately Pete has responded and today has had a better day. When involved in things he manages  pain better. 

So El stayed home and cooked this morning. We went to Kmart for some extra clothes for the gym sessions and bought some games to pass the time ( Robs good suggestion). 

 El has gone in this afternoon armed with food, games and clothes. Hope he is happy. 

We need more up days than down 🎈

The journey is long and hard. 

As our friend Jill replied to him on FB 

……….’It’s early days. Very very early days. Focus on the endgame. Every week will be a little better until one day you go Oh, I had a whole day free of pain and I was so busy doing stuff that I didn’t notice …..

And until then you’ve got about a zillion people out here collectively willing you to that end, and thinking you’re as brave as shite xo’

Thanks Jilly. Spot on. 

Thank you to all our wonderful warm caring friends. Your kind words, actions, food, gifts, calls, cards and   hugs mean such a lot to us. 

Good news at last 

A quick message to let you know that today’s surgery went well and they closed the wound with a flap. They must have been pleased with the absence of infection. Good news indeed. 

This means he can start recovery. He’s sleeping like a baby now and we hope that continues when the operation anaesthetic has worn off. 

Tomorrow they plan on getting him up to shower! 

He’ll be so excited. That’s got to help his rehab. 

We’ve turned a corner. 

Poor Pete

We all hoped Peter would be more comfortable today but it just didn’t happen. 

Yesterday it started and he is finding it very hard to deal with the waves of nerve pain he is experiencing. 

They changed a few things around and after an unsettled morning he slept most of the afternoon and hopefully will get some rest tonight. He’s worn out and we’re getting that way as well. 

Poor lovely El is just sad. 

I had quite a talk to one of the nurses and she helped and also to the psychiatrist who will help with pain management strategies. 

A new kidney doctor called in and it turned out to be Richard Baer , Theo’s son , who is 5 years older than Peter and used to play with him a lot when we lived next door! Small world. 

So back to surgery tomorrow for infection check and hopefully to close the wound and give her m a good stump for the future prosthetic. 

Keep praying. 


Operation over

Hello friends. 

I know like us you have been worried about today’s operation. 

This morning we just got to the hospital in time to say goodbye as he was wheeled off at around 8.30. Then by 12.30 he was back in his room. 

It went as well as could be expected. They didn’t close the wound as there was still a bit of infection they want to eliminate,  so back to surgery on Friday for the closure. 

He came back feeling fine – the epidural was working well. He was chirpy and not too sad when looking at the gap on his leg. 

It looks strange but I’m sure we’ll all get adjusted to the new look. 

Pain was kicking in this afternoon. Any big bone operation will have pain at the site of the break. But some of this pain is phantom pain – it feels like it is still happening in the missing limb. Poor Pete was finding it difficult. 

He sure has had to deal with lots of pain over the last 3 weeks. 

We’ll have to get some extra help dealing with this new type of pain. 

So thank you for your messages and love. We are staying strong. 


A Word from Peter

Tonight I thought I would just copy Peter’s words from his Facebook page ( with his permission). 

From Peter

‘Alright friends,  I never thought that this moment would come or how I would handle it but here goes…………In case you didn’t know I had a massive motorbike accident with Nick Jesse Ng.  We got sideswiped by a car. Nick escaped with some minor injuries but was and still is shaken badly and I appreciate any help or positive thoughts his way.

After spending 5 nights in Royal Phnom Penh Hospital and enduring about 4 surgeries, none of which would have been possible without the support of Carla Mason, Paul Hurford, the Showbox crew, and more people than I can fit into this space,  but will always have a special place in mine and Elena Belevtseva hearts. I was required to move to Bangkok Hospital to continue treatment. After a few more days, surgeries and a significant intake of morphine It was decided that I had exceeded their medical abilities and i needed more. 

Bring on a a 9.5 hour flight to Brisbane. El, myself and our doctor and nurse lived it up in business class (Thanks largely on my behalf for the free and unlimited Morphine) poor Mum had to slum it in economy. After being met at the airport by the media I was sent straight to the Mater Hospital, Brisbane. 

The difference in quality between the three hospitals (Phnom Penh, Bangkok, and Brisbane was definitely noticeable. 

After 4 days, lots of meetings and of course some surgeries it is decision time.

So it comes down to this. Today is the last day that I will have 2 legs. I will be having amputation surgery tomorrow morning.

They will start by cutting off my right leg just below my knee and making a nice stub onto which in the near future a nice prosthetic leg can be attached. 

Please ……visitors, messages, questions, anything people want to know do not hesitate in asking.