No place like home. 

Pete arrived home yesterday. Yah

Friends called around in the afternoon to welcome him back. 

Rob and Jordan came for dinner. 

Our friend and neighbor Bruce Jones is Peter’s GP. He called in for a chat. How lucky are we to have his doctor living so close. 

Lovely to have him home. El is cooking and making him comfortable. 

Here’s to a successful rehab when it starts at RBH in about 2 weeks.

We just need luck and prayers to  keep him safe. 

Today we had a quieter day, catching up on sleep, playing cards and eating home cooked food. 

6 thoughts on “ No place like home. 

  1. Wonderful to see happy faces. Pete is very lucky, despite his bad situation, to have such a loving family . Hope to see you, Fran, at the next ADFAS. Back in Brisbane Friday


  2. Great to learn that Pete is now back home . No doubt enjoying the comforts that home has to offer !
    . Wishing you all the best with your rehab Pete.


  3. Woo! Hoo! Such great news to read this morning, Fran and such lovely photos too. I know a new journey now begins re rehab but things must seem more optimistic for all of you. The blue beads haven’t been put away!! You’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve started swimming classes and am absolutely loving it. Look after yourself, Fran Love Anne xx

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