Moving ahead …..

I got back from three glorious days at Byron and felt rejuvenated and very grateful to have such beautiful friends. 

Thank you girls for the fun times and the pamper box of goodies. The ‘happy pills’, the hand therapy, the cross to grip when in need, the Moët, the restful candle, the spa voucher…… so many thoughtful gifts. 

As I arrived home we saw El and Peter arriving out of an Uber after having lunch at their favourite Vietnamese restaurant in West End. 

They were happy after the first 2hr Physio session at the RBH. It went well and there is a plan. 

Pete has exercises to do and prepare for his prosthetic. 

He can travel to Cambodia for their wedding. 

Then in the afternoon he and El went with Steve to the marriage registry office to plan their ‘official wedding’ 👰 🎩 

They returned so excited. The date is set. A small official wedding on Nov 25th. 

So by late afternoon Pete was exhausted but happy.