Up and Down

Peter had lots of visitors on Saturday and Sunday morning but was struggling with the pain and finding it hard. He brightens when friends are there but drops when they go. 

There are going to be days like that. Down,down, down. 

But thank goodness for no nonsense nurses. Deb listened to him but was so definite in what she expected of him, that he started to listen. 

She organised extra Physio sessions which involved moving around the ward, showering himself, bed exercises , daily goal setting and a visit to the gym. 

Fortunately Pete has responded and today has had a better day. When involved in things he manages  pain better. 

So El stayed home and cooked this morning. We went to Kmart for some extra clothes for the gym sessions and bought some games to pass the time ( Robs good suggestion). 

 El has gone in this afternoon armed with food, games and clothes. Hope he is happy. 

We need more up days than down 🎈

The journey is long and hard. 

As our friend Jill replied to him on FB 

……….’It’s early days. Very very early days. Focus on the endgame. Every week will be a little better until one day you go Oh, I had a whole day free of pain and I was so busy doing stuff that I didn’t notice …..

And until then you’ve got about a zillion people out here collectively willing you to that end, and thinking you’re as brave as shite xo’

Thanks Jilly. Spot on. 

Thank you to all our wonderful warm caring friends. Your kind words, actions, food, gifts, calls, cards and   hugs mean such a lot to us.