I am having to learn Italian!

I keep going back!

This time to watch Rob play in the Australian Under 20’s World Junior Men’s.
What a champion!

We flew to Roma and then onto Naples. I was nervous about the apartment I had booked. Also about sharing it with peter and Elizabeth McGregor. They are Sam’s parents and we met them once at a game and decided to share!

As it turned out it was magnificent.
They were such fun and we had a great week.

The apartment was on Corso Vittorio Emmanuale. Top floor – so about 90 steps, so we could stay in shape! It was a short walk to the train station – then about 4 tops and a short walk to the pool. ALl this worked well as we went to the pool  every second day.
Other days we spent exploring.

Highlights of the trip:

* amazing views from the apartment towards Mt Versuvius
* big rooms in the apartment
* heat, heat and more heat
* Showering outdoors on the roof terrace
* watching rob play so well
* meeting the other parents. Especially “My fleshy little peach – Janet Flazon.
* Taking the fast ferry to Positano and our great lunch at Chez Black
* going up on the vernicular
* finding a beautiful restaurant
* dinner with the other parents
* last night party on our roof top

Last day train back to Roma and having our last dinner with Peter and Elizabeth.

Back to Italy 2002

My lovely sister Catherine was planning a visit to her beautiful daughter Clare and asked if I’d like to come along. Well I didn’t need to e asked twice!

We started planning! Agreed on a week in rome and a week at Positano on the Amalfi coast.

About two weeks before we left we decided we couldn’t go without Helen so Catherine booked another ticket. SURPRISE!

So we flew out on sept 19th – the same day as last year!

Arrived in Rome in the early morning and made our way to Via G.
Apartment wasn’t great so arranged another one and it was good. Though Catherine and I had to share a bed. Clare had a bed and Helen had a fold out! But it was cute and convenient .

Had the best week in Rome. Memories include:
* seeing Clare arrive in Rome. Striding down the street backpack strapped to her back
* catching the bus to Trastevere.
* exploring St Peter’s
* the Catacombs!
* eating at the strega cafe
* shopping and buying great shoes
* amazing food
* throwing coins in the fountain Left arm over right shoulder
* wandering the Borghese gardens

Then off to Positano by train, circumsurviano then the local bus. Quite and expedition.
The apartment was great. two bedrooms, where again Catherine and I shared a bed.
beautiful sea green tiles on the floors, magnificent views across the blue waters, pink bouganvillia, and Chez Black where we had coffee each morning.

Highlights of the week:
* Meeting John and Bernie on the bus to Pompei.
* meeting up with them other days and having lots of fun.
* going to capri. Helen being hung over after too many cocktails – namely “sex on the beach”
* rain!
* no ferries out of Positano
* bus to Amalfi and up to Ravenna. Gorgeous views
* exploring Sorrento
* dinner out and more amazing dinner in cooked by Clare.

Then off to London where once again Catherine and I shared a fold out lounge! Now that was close. even had to turn over at the same time! We stayed with Clare and Shaun in a little flat in Bayswater.

highlights of the week:
* Opera at Albert Hall
* lovely long walks
* exploring the markets, Notting Hill and other antique markets
* sharing time with Clare
* art galleries
* walking the streets

Holidays prior to 2010

2001 – Italy with Ginetta, Wendy, Lynne, Maria Mark and myself.

We started our trip in Rome. Ginetta, Wendy and myself flew out through Singapore and arrived in Rome in the early morning. We met Maria and Mark at the hotel, quite near the station.

Discovered Rome – the main sites and I even threw a coin over my right shoulder into the Trevi fountain – hoping to come back!
We had a super dinner and Wendy went to sleep!

Next day left for our first stop..Chuisi.
We had a great house with 4 bedrooms. I shared with Lynne. Wendy, Ginetta and Maria and Mark had the other three. We explore the area over the next 7 days.
Montelcino, Montelpulicano, Florence, Sienna, and lots of little villages.

Then off to Venice for three nights. Bellissimo.

We took the train to Milan and changed for Largo di Como. we stayed at the Hotel Victoria at Varenna. Very lovely too. Great walks, food , drinks (including the pink gin!)

From there we travelled back to Milano and onto the Cinque Terre. we actually missed the stop at Monterosso! Then we climbed to our hotel – the Convento di Cappicino. A really special place. Lots of italian speaking and great food. Explored the 5 villages. we walked some, boated along the coast, caught the train and generally had a great time.

At the end of a great week it was back to Milan, where Steve arrived to start the next part of our journey. Wend and Ginetta headed off to France to her sisters place in Vaison La Romaine. Maria and Mark headed to America.

Steve and I flew to Berlin via London! After nearly 24hrs in Milan airport due to a plane crash , which they thought at first was a bomb.

We had 4 nights in Berlin and did a wonderful walking tour, explored checkpoint Charlie, went to Potsdamm, did lots of walking and enjoyed the area.

Then it a train to Dresdan for the day, then Vienna. Oh sigh what a place.

Then the train to Prague and Chesky Kromlov.

Back to Prague before flying to Istanbul. Amazing city.

Altogether a great holiday.