A Very Happy Day

Weddings bring people together with so much happiness and love.

We saw Pete and Elena overcome more than most people have to face in a lifetime to celebrate their love in marriage. This wedding was to take place in Cambodia ( well the official part was to be in Bangkok ) . But now they  officially married and the blessing and celebration party will be in Cambodia on December 20th.


On Friday we gathered at the Registry office in Brisbane with family and friends to witness them say their very beautifully written vows. Peter’s brother Rob and his lovely partner Jordan were the witnesses and Steve and I were so proud and happy.


We have a beautiful new daughter in law, who has shown such strength and love and we welcome to our family.dsc_0857

Following the ceremony we had a short drinks party at the United Service Club, where Peter was able to visit workmates from when he used to work in the kitchen before moving to Cambodia.


Our family: including my sister Catherine, cousins Helen,George,  Pip & Hugh  and Tim and Eliza.

Then it was off to West End to Trudy’s beautiful house where the garden was lit with lanterns, drinks were on ice and food was ready. Not to mention the friends


Peter gave the most wonderful speech thanking the family and friends who helped them prepare this lovely fun party.


The cake was made by Pete’s very good friend Emily, a doctor who could change professions and become a cake baker.


Rob and Jordan are  very happy to welcome Elena to our family.

What a night.


Wedding Day Tomorrow. 

About 8 weeks ago we didn’t think this day would happen. Either in Cambodia and certainly not here in Brisbane. 

Yet here we are ready to see Peter and Elena marry. Not the way they planned but it’s going ahead with great happiness. They are to get married at the registry office at 3.15pm. 

Today was spent delivering things to Trudy’s house. She is a great friend of Peters and offered her lovely cottage house in West Rnd for the wedding celebration. 

Elena has been a lovely calm bride  and is gorgeous to work with as we set up the wedding. 

Check out our flowers! 

In between buying flowers, delivering glasses, food and other items, I drove Pete to his acupuncturist and Steve to the eye hospital. It’s all go. 

But tomorrow it all happens. 

Weekend Wedding 

Who doesn’t love a wedding!

Steve and I along with Pete and Elena made a short weekend trip to Canberra for our nephew’s wedding. 

Luke, the groom,  is Steve’s sisters son – a  gorgeous 6ft 5 hunk. We are so happy to see him marry beautiful Nicky. 

Family came from Adelaide and Alice Springs and the weather was kind. 

It was a morning garden party style and was lovely from start to finish. 

The whole family including the bride and groom and their little 13 month old little girl, stayed at the refurbished Kurrajong Hotel,  so we had lots of time to catch up. 

Pete managed very well with the logistics of flying,  a good preparation for his solo trip to Cambodia next month. 

He and Elena took note of lots of ideas for their wedding coming up on Fri 25th. 

We missed having Rob and Jordan with us. They had another wedding to attend on behalf of all the family. Our lovely friend beautiful Melissa married Chris. 

So it was a weekend of weddings. 

We’re all looking forward to Peter and Elena’s wedding in two weeks. 

Seven Weeks Down

It’s been awhile since my last post. So much has happened. 
Life is adjusting. Pete is adjusting. He amazes us with his resilience. He scares me with his activities. 

Having Elena by his side is the best tonic to recovery. They have been busy planning their wedding. Or weddings I should say. 

The wedding in Cambodia is going ahead in Dec 20 but the official wedding is happening here at the Brisbane registry office on Nov 25. They had a meeting there last month and got the go ahead to make it official. 

They returned excited. 

The planning started. Peter’s friend Trudy immediately offered to have a celebration party at her house in West End. 

Rehab at RBH has started but seems much more low key than I thought it would. He goes in Monday and sees a Physio who checks the wound, gives him a bandage which gets smaller each time to shape the stump ready for a prosthesis and asks if he’s doing his exercises. 

Pete asked about interrupting rehab by going to Cambodia for his wedding and a final holiday to pack up and say goodbye. The all clear was given so flights were booked. They return towards the end of January. 

His prosthetic leg will be fitted in February by which time the stump will be healed and ready for a new leg. 

New clothes have been bought for the weddings. It was fun to go with El to choose her two dresses. El selected clothes for him so  Pete will look very handsome in his new gear. 

So life goes on.