A Very Happy Day

Weddings bring people together with so much happiness and love.

We saw Pete and Elena overcome more than most people have to face in a lifetime to celebrate their love in marriage. This wedding was to take place in Cambodia ( well the official part was to be in Bangkok ) . But now they  officially married and the blessing and celebration party will be in Cambodia on December 20th.


On Friday we gathered at the Registry office in Brisbane with family and friends to witness them say their very beautifully written vows. Peter’s brother Rob and his lovely partner Jordan were the witnesses and Steve and I were so proud and happy.


We have a beautiful new daughter in law, who has shown such strength and love and we welcome to our family.dsc_0857

Following the ceremony we had a short drinks party at the United Service Club, where Peter was able to visit workmates from when he used to work in the kitchen before moving to Cambodia.


Our family: including my sister Catherine, cousins Helen,George,  Pip & Hugh  and Tim and Eliza.

Then it was off to West End to Trudy’s beautiful house where the garden was lit with lanterns, drinks were on ice and food was ready. Not to mention the friends


Peter gave the most wonderful speech thanking the family and friends who helped them prepare this lovely fun party.


The cake was made by Pete’s very good friend Emily, a doctor who could change professions and become a cake baker.


Rob and Jordan are  very happy to welcome Elena to our family.

What a night.


4 thoughts on “A Very Happy Day

  1. Daughter-In-Laws are a wonderful thing to have. Congratulations to all involved. El looks lovely (as always) and Pete is beaming. Here’s to a long and loving marriage (glass raised in toasting manner).
    As a side note, the cake had us worried. It (or maybe the table) appeared to be tilting and we would hate to see such loving work on the ground.
    We can’t wait to see you soon at Round 2. Safe travels.


  2. What lovely photos to mark a beautiful, love-filled day. You all look so happy. Elena radiated joy and she is such a joy to your family. You are lucky to have had time together leading up to the wedding to share this special bond. Love and congratulations to all!


  3. Fran and Steve what a magical day and night El and Pete have come through a lot so their love ❤️ would have to be so strong. God bless them both and many fabulous times ahead Photos were just beautiful Love Jann and Andrew xx🍾🍾

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