Wedding Day Tomorrow. 

About 8 weeks ago we didn’t think this day would happen. Either in Cambodia and certainly not here in Brisbane. 

Yet here we are ready to see Peter and Elena marry. Not the way they planned but it’s going ahead with great happiness. They are to get married at the registry office at 3.15pm. 

Today was spent delivering things to Trudy’s house. She is a great friend of Peters and offered her lovely cottage house in West Rnd for the wedding celebration. 

Elena has been a lovely calm bride  and is gorgeous to work with as we set up the wedding. 

Check out our flowers! 

In between buying flowers, delivering glasses, food and other items, I drove Pete to his acupuncturist and Steve to the eye hospital. It’s all go. 

But tomorrow it all happens. 

17 thoughts on “Wedding Day Tomorrow. 

  1. Wishing you all a wonderful celebration and wishing the young couple years together of mutual happiness. Most couples have trials after years together- they certainly had theirs early on in their relationship.

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  2. How refreshing to hear how calm Selena has been through all of this process. Not the Bridezilla we often get to hear about these days ! Her grace and demeanour will certainly carry them through more of the rough times in the future !
    I hope you all have a wonderful day and a bright and happy future together x Bernie OConnor


  3. Dear Family Maitland Congratulations & Best Wishes to Peter & Elena on this special day. Love & hugs to you all. Jan & Alan.

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  4. Congratulations Pete & Elena.
    We wish you a lifetime of happiness together.
    You certainly deserve your special day with family & friends.
    Enjoy the day Fran.
    Lots of love
    Petrina & Lyn xxoo


  5. Have a wonderful family celebration, Fran. The sadness and worry of 8 weeks ago will certainly be forgotten today and replaced by great happiness – enjoy to the absolute max. Much love, Anne and Mark xx


  6. What a wonderful day for you all. Best wishes for the wedding & congratulations to Peter & Elena. They deserve every happiness life together can bring.


  7. Thinking of you all today as you celebrate together. Wishing Pete and El a wonderful day and many many happy years together. Enjoy every minute. Love Narelle and Bob


  8. What an emotional day for you all! I know it will be full of happiness as Pete and El are so obviously in love and made for each other. All the best to the parents of the Groom – enjoy the day as you make happy memories. Love & kisses.


  9. We wish them every happiness in their life together. They have gone through such a terrible time that all ahead should be just love and joy.
    Hugh and Susie


  10. Frannie, finally a chance to wear that “Mother of the Groom” outfit. I am sure you will look stunning. Congrats on getting #1 down the aisle. Bask in the feelings and family on Pete and El’s special day.


  11. How exciting today must have been Fran. I hope it was a truly memorable day for all of you.  Please pass on my congratulations to Pete and Elena along with my very best wishes for a lifetime of happiness – they deserve a wonderful future together! Love Lynette


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