Day by Day

We had to be up bright and early today. Hard!

Carol the OT was coming to check on things and advise. Bit late I think! 

The day progressed slowly. Pete stretched out resting, eating, dozing, playing on the computer, watching tv and generally trying to divert the mind off the pain. 

I had a coffee with the lovely Patsy and spent some time on the phone talking to people who may be able to help Pete with his phantom pain. 

A lovely doctor who specialises in acupuncture spent quite a lot of time talking to me about his approach to pain management. We’ll visit him next week. 

Then a long conversation with doctor from Adelaide a member of NOI pain management group. He’s going to send information on mirror box therapy. 

No stone unturned. 

This afternoon,  Elena -Peter’s fiancé, did a  conversation class with Ros and myself and we missed Pat. but it was fun. 

If you want a little Italian conversation please contact me. Elena was great. 

Then this evening Peter’s GP, our neighbor, came for a visit. He’s so good and reassuring for Pete,  with the pain he’s experiencing. 

So we’re taking it a day at a time. That way we’ll get there. 

One thought on “Day by Day

  1. All moving ahead Fran. I have always found acupuncture a great benefit. Even though I am a long way from home, you, Peter and your family are ever in my thoughts. Bx😇


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