A Word from Peter

Tonight I thought I would just copy Peter’s words from his Facebook page ( with his permission). 

From Peter

‘Alright friends,  I never thought that this moment would come or how I would handle it but here goes…………In case you didn’t know I had a massive motorbike accident with Nick Jesse Ng.  We got sideswiped by a car. Nick escaped with some minor injuries but was and still is shaken badly and I appreciate any help or positive thoughts his way.

After spending 5 nights in Royal Phnom Penh Hospital and enduring about 4 surgeries, none of which would have been possible without the support of Carla Mason, Paul Hurford, the Showbox crew, and more people than I can fit into this space,  but will always have a special place in mine and Elena Belevtseva hearts. I was required to move to Bangkok Hospital to continue treatment. After a few more days, surgeries and a significant intake of morphine It was decided that I had exceeded their medical abilities and i needed more. 

Bring on a a 9.5 hour flight to Brisbane. El, myself and our doctor and nurse lived it up in business class (Thanks largely on my behalf for the free and unlimited Morphine) poor Mum had to slum it in economy. After being met at the airport by the media I was sent straight to the Mater Hospital, Brisbane. 

The difference in quality between the three hospitals (Phnom Penh, Bangkok, and Brisbane was definitely noticeable. 

After 4 days, lots of meetings and of course some surgeries it is decision time.

So it comes down to this. Today is the last day that I will have 2 legs. I will be having amputation surgery tomorrow morning.

They will start by cutting off my right leg just below my knee and making a nice stub onto which in the near future a nice prosthetic leg can be attached. 

Please ……visitors, messages, questions, anything people want to know do not hesitate in asking.


5 thoughts on “A Word from Peter

  1. Wishing him a successful surgery, healing and rehabilitation. With luck this should be the last surgery.
    Looking forward to seeing photos of his first steps on his new leg.
    Bravo for his positive attitude.
    My loving thoughts are with your family.


  2. Your McGann cousins & their partners & I, as well as friends of mine who have met you, have been following your story on Facebook & your mum’s Blog.

    We have been thinking of you & will be thinking of you tomorrow. You’re
    a brave young man with a positive attitude & we send you our love.

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  3. Fran. What a brave son you have to share his thoughts so . I have so much admiration for you and your family. The surgery will go well and he will recover in his own time. Thinking of you all for tomorrow x


  4. Thank you Pete for sharing your Facebook page with us at this difficult time. You are a courageous young man & we wish you every success with your surgery & rehab.
    See you in 2020 – TOKYO!

    All our love ,
    The Jordan & Mackenzie families


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