Today was a quiet day. At least no operations. 

Many doctors. Pain management, infectious diseases, bone, kidney. So many discussions. It’s a big thing about to happen. 

Steve and I left. I walked to Southbank and met my little Bookclub friends for lunch. It was lovely to chat and have such great support. 

Steve went to the coast for a swim and El went back to Spaghetti House where she used to work. 

In the afternoon El sat with Pete until Rob and Jordan arrived. 

Friends dropped in food. It saves me thinking about shopping and really is a comfort. After all the missed meals in PP and Bangkok it is lovely to have such delicious food. Thank you. 

It looks like the big operation will be Wednesday. So tomorrow another quiet waiting day. 

2 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. He’s in good hands and the difficult decision has been made to remove the damaged tissue which would otherwise have caused him a lifetime of pain and limited his mobility. I can feel your pain that your son has gone through so much and will lose part of his leg just because some idiot was very careless and irresponsible.
    Sending loving thoughts and prayers.


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