What next? 

Thank you all for your support and for following our progress through this nightmare. It’s good to be home with doctors we can understand and who have a sense of humour Pete can respond to well. Also,  who we have confidence in. 

They had a team of six surgeons operate and assess today. 
Unfortunately the result was not a miracle. They said it is not as good as we had been led to believe. Pete will lose his lower leg. Below the knee. 

He said he had been laying thinking about this possible outcome for two weeks and has come to terms with it. 

Elena has been a wonderful support and loves him no matter what happens. 

So it looks like Tuesday or Wednesday and then he’ll be home in 3 weeks. He will eventually get a prosthetic and is planning which para Olympic sport he will play. 

Let’s hope that’s how it all goes. 

12 thoughts on “What next? 

  1. Sorry that the news is not as optimistic as you had hoped. I’ve seen people with patched up legs who limp and continue to be in pain years later. If you look at those at the para Olympics doing running and jumping then I it is encouraging that he’ll still have his mobility even after this complicated injury. Sending loving thoughts for this next round.


  2. That’s certainly not the news we were hoping to hear, Fran.We all hoped it would just be his toes & part of his foot.However, Peter’s put a positive spin to the bad news & we all really admire him for that!


  3. Oh Fran ! I’ve been following your blog all the way and truly was hoping it was going to be a miracle outcome . I guess a positive spin is that the previous situation could have left Pete with a lifetime of tissue, ligament and weight bearing issues . I wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you ‘around the traps ‘ soon too X Bernie OConnor


  4. Dear Fran n family,
    I am seeing incredible strength between your family, an amazing hurdle you all have to get over. Sending light n love. Faye n John xx


  5. Fran. So sorry the news is not what you expected to hear. However once again Pete is now in a much safer place and the surgeons will do what ever possible to give him the best outcome possible. My thoughts are with you and your family. X


  6. Hi Fran I am sitting at Hong Kong reading your latest post. I am so sorry to hear Pete will loose his leg below the knee .Back in Brisbane 2330 tonight so hopefully we will see you soon.Good luck and love to you Maggie xx

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  7. Oh Fran! I can only imagine your disappointment. Certainly not the news you wanted to receive. Peter has an amazing attitude and I’m sure you will all respond with characteristic McGann/ Maitland strength and deal with the challenges ahead. Love and prayers, Anne and Mark xxx

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