Operation over

Hello friends. 

I know like us you have been worried about today’s operation. 

This morning we just got to the hospital in time to say goodbye as he was wheeled off at around 8.30. Then by 12.30 he was back in his room. 

It went as well as could be expected. They didn’t close the wound as there was still a bit of infection they want to eliminate,  so back to surgery on Friday for the closure. 

He came back feeling fine – the epidural was working well. He was chirpy and not too sad when looking at the gap on his leg. 

It looks strange but I’m sure we’ll all get adjusted to the new look. 

Pain was kicking in this afternoon. Any big bone operation will have pain at the site of the break. But some of this pain is phantom pain – it feels like it is still happening in the missing limb. Poor Pete was finding it difficult. 

He sure has had to deal with lots of pain over the last 3 weeks. 

We’ll have to get some extra help dealing with this new type of pain. 

So thank you for your messages and love. We are staying strong. 


10 thoughts on “Operation over

  1. Fran, this must be so painful for all of you, not just Pete. We have a good friend who has neuropathy and had one leg removed below the knee (his name is also Pete). He gets around really well on his prosthesis but it wasn’t an easy time for he or his partner.
    I hope you are getting a little time to take care of Fran?


  2. What an ordeal for you all. Still praying for strength and comfort, let’s hope for a good recovery.
    Your positive attitude is amazing.


  3. Fran I’m in awe of your strength and positive attitude through this testing time ……. and what a star is Pete!  My love and best wishes to you allLynette  


  4. Thank you kindly for your updates. We think Pete is an amazing young man with a positive outlook through this traumatic ordeal. Don’t know how one would deal with all the pain. An Auntie of mine lost her whole leg to cancer years ago and I remember how difficult the phantom pains are. All our prayers are feverently wishing a speedy recovery, so he can get on with the day to day living. And that you, as a family can relax instead of dealing with all the stress. You are one strong mother, facing this ordeal with dignity. Truly a role model. Don’t forget to take time out to look after yourself. Xoxo Nicola & Luke

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  5. Hi Fran. We sincerely hope Peter can be relieved of this dreadful pain. He must be so exhausted from all he has been through, emotionally & physically, & to face yet another operation is awful. Hopefully, he can start to feel better soon and begin the next stage of his life. You’re in our prayers. Ann & Neil


  6. Thanks, Fran for the update. You and your son have been in my thoughts and prayers.
    People experience phantom pain in different ways.
    Wishing you all much courage for healing.


  7. It is difficult to comprehend all of the events and emotions Pete, El, you and Steve have been through in the last 3 weeks; truly a testament to Aussie fortitude. Let him know the Americans are rooting for him (and yes, I meant to say “rooting”, because I know Pete will get a laugh out of the American-Australian translation). Keep the spirits up and flowing.


  8. Hi Fran, All my love & support to you all & especially Pete. I cannot imagine what you are going through & I so wish that I could do something personally to help. My thoughts & best wishes are with you all. I have extended your membership for two months for you, I only wish that I could do more. All my love, Jen xx


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    On Wed, Oct 5, 2016 at 6:04 PM, frans travel tales wrote:

    > brisbanefrannie posted: “Hello friends. I know like us you have been > worried about today’s operation. This morning we just got to the hospital > in time to say goodbye as he was wheeled off at around 8.30. Then by 12.30 > he was back in his room. It went as well ” >


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