Poor Pete

We all hoped Peter would be more comfortable today but it just didn’t happen. 

Yesterday it started and he is finding it very hard to deal with the waves of nerve pain he is experiencing. 

They changed a few things around and after an unsettled morning he slept most of the afternoon and hopefully will get some rest tonight. He’s worn out and we’re getting that way as well. 

Poor lovely El is just sad. 

I had quite a talk to one of the nurses and she helped and also to the psychiatrist who will help with pain management strategies. 

A new kidney doctor called in and it turned out to be Richard Baer , Theo’s son , who is 5 years older than Peter and used to play with him a lot when we lived next door! Small world. 

So back to surgery tomorrow for infection check and hopefully to close the wound and give her m a good stump for the future prosthetic. 

Keep praying. 


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