Today was a quiet day. At least no operations. 

Many doctors. Pain management, infectious diseases, bone, kidney. So many discussions. It’s a big thing about to happen. 

Steve and I left. I walked to Southbank and met my little Bookclub friends for lunch. It was lovely to chat and have such great support. 

Steve went to the coast for a swim and El went back to Spaghetti House where she used to work. 

In the afternoon El sat with Pete until Rob and Jordan arrived. 

Friends dropped in food. It saves me thinking about shopping and really is a comfort. After all the missed meals in PP and Bangkok it is lovely to have such delicious food. Thank you. 

It looks like the big operation will be Wednesday. So tomorrow another quiet waiting day. 

What next? 

Thank you all for your support and for following our progress through this nightmare. It’s good to be home with doctors we can understand and who have a sense of humour Pete can respond to well. Also,  who we have confidence in. 

They had a team of six surgeons operate and assess today. 
Unfortunately the result was not a miracle. They said it is not as good as we had been led to believe. Pete will lose his lower leg. Below the knee. 

He said he had been laying thinking about this possible outcome for two weeks and has come to terms with it. 

Elena has been a wonderful support and loves him no matter what happens. 

So it looks like Tuesday or Wednesday and then he’ll be home in 3 weeks. He will eventually get a prosthetic and is planning which para Olympic sport he will play. 

Let’s hope that’s how it all goes. 

Back with the Aussie Doctors

Our flight was good and Pete  enjoyed being a celebrity with the Courier Mail waiting to interview him when he arrived. 

Then to the serious stuff of being admitted to yet another hospital. 

Mater A&E is not a pretty place. Not like the 16th floor of Bangkok hospital. But the engaging nature and sense of humour of the nurses and doctors was the tonic Peter needed. He responded to them so well , so El and I headed home for a much needed shower, unpack  and a bite to eat. 

Our beautiful neighbour Penny called in with groceries, Wendy left a comfort care package on the doorstep and lovely MJ, a therapy friend, arrived with lasagne and chicken. The ultimate comfort food ( so different from Fuji our Japanese restaurant in Bangkok). 

Thank you all. 

Back to the hospital to find out what the plan is for Peter. Dr Ben outlined what happens tomorrow. Lea my medical advisor was a true friend and offered suggestions of what to ask. 

A big operation. We will find out the extent of his injuries and the possibilities for repair. 

Peter is still holding up and being strong. 

Goodbye Hospital

Finally time to leave. 

Pete was very anxious this afternoon. He just wanted to get going. So about 6 pm on he kept asking us to hurt them. 

El and I ducked off for a last bit of sushi at our favourite little Japanese restaurant. Also it’s the only one close that sells beer! 

We got back and Pete was in pain and wanting to go. He was anxious and trying to get out of bed to get going. 

Finally they arrived and set him up for the ambulance trip to the hospital. He was so excited. 

El went in the ambulance and they had booked a driver for me. The traffic was incredible. Steve had left earlier for his flight home via Singapore and nearly missed it ! 

I left before they’d even loaded Pete but when we arrived through pouring rain there they were. They’d travelled siren on at big speed ! 

We all got out and went to the Busibess class check in before they wheeled him in. Before we went through customs he had to go into a wheelchair. Sounds easy but it wasn’t. They hadn’t prepared a length of wood to support his leg. 

We went into the lounge for awhile but no fun for Pete. Then came the shock. We had to walk to a far gate which for him was a long time in the wheelchair. 

But then it wasn’t a bridge into the plane. It was a bus ride. El and I went off worried how they would manage him. 

Poor guy finally was put on a lift in light rain and lifted up to the plane. He was in pain but settling into the seat made him relax. 

Then it was all good. The doctor and nurse with him are great they listen to him and help. Funniest thing was when the nurse said she thought she remembered him! Turns out she was the nurse who looked after him when he’d been in hospital in Bangkok. Several years ago when he was airlifted from Laos to Bangkok she helped him. She said. “You’ve got the same girlfriend !’ Not Pete replied this one is my fiancé and more beautiful. 

He slept. He ate a little and El loved business class. I was just behind in economy so was able to pop up and see him. I even slept a little. 

I’m writing this as we are landing and hope the next part goes smoothly. 

Off to hospital and another assessment of his injury.