Goodbye Hospital

Finally time to leave. 

Pete was very anxious this afternoon. He just wanted to get going. So about 6 pm on he kept asking us to hurt them. 

El and I ducked off for a last bit of sushi at our favourite little Japanese restaurant. Also it’s the only one close that sells beer! 

We got back and Pete was in pain and wanting to go. He was anxious and trying to get out of bed to get going. 

Finally they arrived and set him up for the ambulance trip to the hospital. He was so excited. 

El went in the ambulance and they had booked a driver for me. The traffic was incredible. Steve had left earlier for his flight home via Singapore and nearly missed it ! 

I left before they’d even loaded Pete but when we arrived through pouring rain there they were. They’d travelled siren on at big speed ! 

We all got out and went to the Busibess class check in before they wheeled him in. Before we went through customs he had to go into a wheelchair. Sounds easy but it wasn’t. They hadn’t prepared a length of wood to support his leg. 

We went into the lounge for awhile but no fun for Pete. Then came the shock. We had to walk to a far gate which for him was a long time in the wheelchair. 

But then it wasn’t a bridge into the plane. It was a bus ride. El and I went off worried how they would manage him. 

Poor guy finally was put on a lift in light rain and lifted up to the plane. He was in pain but settling into the seat made him relax. 

Then it was all good. The doctor and nurse with him are great they listen to him and help. Funniest thing was when the nurse said she thought she remembered him! Turns out she was the nurse who looked after him when he’d been in hospital in Bangkok. Several years ago when he was airlifted from Laos to Bangkok she helped him. She said. “You’ve got the same girlfriend !’ Not Pete replied this one is my fiancé and more beautiful. 

He slept. He ate a little and El loved business class. I was just behind in economy so was able to pop up and see him. I even slept a little. 

I’m writing this as we are landing and hope the next part goes smoothly. 

Off to hospital and another assessment of his injury. 

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Hospital

  1. blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } Hi Fran, Really anxious to hear how Pete is and if he is in pain. Also which hospital he is in and what the doctors are like. You must all be exhausted. Back in your own bed now and hopefully back to a swim. Cooking yesterday and while it was a memorable day some things went awry. First there was a strike on the trains so on the bus we went to Lavagna. Sign ora Anna met us at the bus but she could only take one person with her so into a taxi we went with the oldest taxi driver I’ve ever seen. In fact when we went to get in his head was on the steering wheel, asleep! Winding road was negotiated not too badly, he used his horn many times.The view from her house was lovely and then we started to make three courses at 11 am. We made panzotti, like tortellini with a sauce. We made the pasta and the filling and the sauce. Meanwhile we chopped veggies and made more pastry for a veggie tart. Also making pears in a red wine sauce. By this time it was 2.30!!! Starving all of us and getting tired. Finally we ate at 3.15 outside in her little garden with a view. By the time she dropped us it was 5.30. Her friend Jacqueline also came for lunch and helped with the driving and was pulled over by the police who had noticed she was not wearing her seat belt. She smiled politely and said she just forgot and after a few anxious moments off we went. Luckily she wasn’t breath tested as she’d had a few wines!  Today Cinque Terre. Hope weather is ok. It said thunderstorms yesterday when I looked online! Will tell more of the other two women next time. Decided to stay with Berti so I’ll go there next Wednesday. Love to you all,Catherine

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  2. Australia, you must all be relieved that are home and Peter has seemed to travel well. Strength and courage for all that lies ahead now. Only can get better from here. Wishing Pete all the best. Laurel



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