Homeward Bound

Just got confirmation that Pete will be admitted to the Mater Public. 

It’s a relief to know where he’s going and that a good orthopaedic surgeon will be doing the work. 

Hope they are all ready for him! 

6 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. Great news! Do hope Pete travels well. From your pictures he is keeping up his spirits. Glad to hear hospital sorted too. All take care. Home before u know it. All family wishes him well for the op.




  2. Great to hear you’re homeward bound, Fran. Hope the flight is a gentle one for all of you especially Pete. Coming home will allow all of you to focus on Pete’s recovery. Those blue beads are still being used. Talk soon, Love Anne and Mark xx

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  3. Wonderful you are all on your way home.Praying for a smooth flight and a comfortable one for Pete.
    You will be pleased the hospital has been sorted out.
    Take care.Love to you al,
    Petrina and Lyn xxoo


    • Thinking of you all. Can’t imagine what you are all going through (especially Pete!!) but know you Maitland’s will come through, together. Hope the trip home is event-less!!!
      Love Narelle


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