One Step Forward

Today a better day.
Steve arrived and Peter liked seeing someone other than his loving fiancé and loving mother!
He’d had a terrible night last night but today is much better. The epidural is still working and the management of his pain, was explained very well by Dr Nu the pain specialist, who walked in on her Valentino high heels. She’s very chatty but tough. She told him he had to stop pushing the pain button as the epidural was  working.  If he wanted to get home asap then he had to pass the aviation airlift rules and morphine was not allowed on a commercial flight. ??? Tough love.
Now she wants to come to their wedding!!!!! Could be handy having a doctor there.

Anyway his case manager came today and we had a long chat. They will do another op tomorrow to clean out the wound again! and assess the arteries and the extent of the dead tissue and how far down the foot they have to cut. Originally it was the tips but now it’s further. If that is extent of the lose after this terrible injury then we are lucky.

I was shown the photos so they could explain things and I can tell you they are not for the squeamish. Truly terrible. Our doctors are miracle workers.
So the Doctor  said that after tomorrow they will make a decision and perhaps we could get passed for an avaiation medivac airlift approval for Peter to fly within the next week or two.

No promises but that is the loose plan.

The insurance people are making arrangements between the hospital here and where we will go in Brisbane.

He has a low level private insurance but not for this type of thing, so it will have to be the public system which proved wonderful for Rob. So in major things, public is good.

We think Peter needs to be where there is a bigger support group. I think  he’s still suffering PTSD  and who wouldn’t when he remained conscious and saw what happened to his leg . In fact he said he closed his eyes to block it out but he could still see out of one eye  as it had a cut in the lid! He had 6 stitches and it is healing well.  He also broke his eye socket and has a very sore jaw and can’t chew –  not that he is eating much , no matter how much we try to tempt him. El makes him up protein drinks several times a day and he’s having that.

The physio was in today to make him do exercises on his arms, good leg, knee of bad leg etc  Peter liked this  and in Maitland competitive style did more than he needed to!

Thanks for all your loving support.

We Maitlands are tough!!!!!!

Lucky because we are being tested.