Anothe day Another operation 

A short blog tonight. 

Moral of the story. Never let your guard down. 

Sat with Pete this morning in his new 16th floor room. 

Finally they came to get him for the operation and he was in quite a bit of pain. 

So off he went and so did El and I. We returned a jumper and El bought a few new things trying to cope with the cool hospital room. 

Peter came back about an hour after we returned , so 4 hours later, and was singing and trying to dance. Pain reduced by drugs! 

So far it was looking like the epidural was working. 

The doctor arrived and we discussed what had happened in the operation. 

The arteries are pumping / the big one in the back of the foot is working well. It was a severe crush injury and the one supplying the front of the foot isn’t getting enough blood to the first 3 toes. He said he would give them another go till Sunday then a decision would have to be made and he would probably have to take the 3 off. We were originally told just the tips but it looks like the whole toe. 

The bones are still ok and the nerves are still a problem. 

But the epidural block seems to work and he is pain free. 

So El and I left him to sleep and went for a walk.

We got back from having something to eat and drink and I went back to the hotel and El to the room.  Then I heard from her that he had woken and was screaming in pain. 

Not sure why. The nurses are dealing with it and the drugs are flowing. 

Poor Peter. 

So I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring. It’s a marathon. 


One week down 

Tonight it is one week since our lives and particularly Pete’s life changed. 
He’s already sick of the bed as well as being on the roller coaster that accompanies having a severe injury. 

As El and I walk down the road each morning we wonder what we will find. A pain racked Pete or peaceful Pete after the morphine has kicked in.

Pete posted on Facebook yesterday and it was a little hazy as he wasn’t his usual quick witted self. 

This morning was a bad one. He was tired , in pain and begging to go somewhere other than ICU with no window . The Doctors were worried as were El and I, but it resulted in the Doctors deciding he could move to a private room and Elena could stay with him. 

So it’s up on the 16th floor,  a big room with a view. El has a lounge to sleep on and it looks more like a hotel. Better for his morale. 

The medical team here are doing a good job – I think, I hope,  though today Peter insisted on the Doctor calling in as the bandage covering the still open gaping wound was proving to be too tight and was causing even more pain. 

The sweet nurses, in their little purple nurses hats, would take a look and say ‘it look alright’. But he insisted , the Doc came,  did a fiddle with the bandage and drain and out poured all this blood that should have been draining away into a bottle! Poor Pete. He immediately got some relief. 

I guess that better than in PP though where they forgot to hook up the drain at all! We finally commented on why wasn’t there any blood draining ? The doctor went ballistic. 

So you do have to keep an eye on things and I wish I had some medical training. 

People have been trying to offer help. I met someone from NIB health insurance. He called into see if we had any needs. The Australian Embassy phoned Peter to offer assistance and Peter suggested they might arrange his marriage to Elena, who he introduces as his wife as they don’t seem to understand the word fiancé ! When the pain is under control he’s funny. 

His team of doctors include Dr Nu the pain doctor,  an anesthetist. I told her I had a friend who was also an anesthetist at St Vincent’s in Sydney and she asked me to contact her and to see if she had any other suggestions for Peters pain management. 

My friend Liz ( who we met on our first swim trek) immediately conferred with her team and was in touch with Dr Nu. Liz also confirmed that we had a great team looking after Pete. She said they were trained to Australian standard and we were receiving the best care we could over here. Reassuring to say the least. 

So this afternoon Peter had a sleep and I took El to some shops to quickly buy a few clothes so she was warm staying in the cool hospital. She had packed so quickly she had only brought a few things from Kampot and had to borrow from me! But now she has a few things from H&M. 

Tonight Pete wouldn’t eat much despite the warning from the Doc that he needs good food and lots of it to aid healing. El had to boss him! 

Tomorrow Friday, surgery again at 2pm. Last chance to get some blood flowing to the toes and to repair the nerves. His foot is numb and his 3 big toes are almost black. Very worrying though I’m still trying to be hopeful they can be saved. 

So fingers X things go well. It’s so touch and go and I’m almost frozen with fear. 

But he’s alive. 

Steve comes from PP tomorrow and we hope the compensation meeting with the bas*+***d family goes well. We miss him. 

Catherine with Elena’s mum in Genoa

I miss you all and have no real idea when I’ll be back. 

My sister Catherine was meeting Elena’s mum today in Genoa!