Leaving on a jet plane 


When there is major trauma you look for good news where you can. 

It came today when the Insurance company came through and made arrangements for us to fly to Bangkok. 

Poor Pete was in a lot of vascular pain,  spasms hitting frequently and the nurses not alway quick to up the medication. 

They were getting him ready to fly so no food or drink in case he had to be incubated. 

We got on our way at 6.30. I’m glad we were in any more urgent hurry because no one here moves for an ambulance even with the siren. 

Got to the jet and they loaded him on board. It was cramped with 2 pilots , 2 doctors , a nurse and Elena and I. He was in quite good humour till the pain hit as the pressure mounted. He did complain of being a shelf! All the gear and monitors were loaded around him. 

Then to the hospital on arrival and it turned out to be Bangkok International not the Bumrangrad Hospital we thought we were going to. That is the one that Peter went to before when he was airlifted out of Laos with dengue and Malaria. He doesn’t hold back in life! That upset us initially. 

Anyway we waited for the doctors. It was 11.30 and they took him straight to a cat scan and he was desparate for a drink,  but again no way as he might have to have surgery. 

The vascular doctor arrived at 3.30 am and made the decision to do an emergency compartment surgery to get the circulation flowing. It was mind numbing. 

We went to the hotel nearby at 4 am and El got back to the hospital by 9 when Pete had returned from surgery. News was slightly better. The blood was still circulating and chances of saving his foot increased a little. 

The next two days are vital. 

Today he is resting and has charge of his drip to administer the drug as he needs. His body needs rest. 

The team here seem to be completely onto the case after being in touch everyday with the one doctor in PP. 


I’ve been talking to the insurance company and they are aware we want second opinions when we feel we need it and their medical person  talks daily to the doctors here about Peter. We want to get him back to Australia but that can’t be considered while the circulation is not steady. 

Think of us.