Day 2 & 3


Weather here is so beautiful and we are getting out along the beautiful coast. Lerici the closest little village by the sea is just gorgeous and we’ve been there for diner, gelato, a paddle, a little shop etc.

Yesterday Pip and I went on the train to Portofino. It is just lovely – you’ve probably seen it in movies as its the playground for the rich and famous. It was such a lovely visit and the highlight of the day was the blue water and the amerena gelato!

Last night we had some friends of Roberta’s for dinner. I had suggested I cook . It’s so hard in a little unknown kitchen! But I managed to turn out some little pastry squares with pesto, tomato and feta followed by chicken sort of morrocan style with cous cous.

Roberta made a delicious pav and we had a great night on the terrace. Her friend Massimo plays guitar so we sang along and tried to speak Italian – as they had limited English. Roberta is speaking so well now. With Fabio away she is really pushed into it.

Today another Italian lesson with Alaria in near by Sarzana an lovely town back from the coast.

HIGHLIGHT: Dinner on  the terrace with Italian friends

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