La Bella Vita!

On the boat near Lerici
On the boat to Portovenere
Lunch in Telarno

Overlooking the Cinque Terre coast

An Italian wedding – Portovenere

Ciao tutti….. It’s now a week since arriving in Italy and I think my Italian is improving. Yesterday Pip and I went into Sarzana a town near here. There were markets on and we finally worked out the bus timetable. We wanted to give Bertie time at home – she has assignments to do and we have been taking up all her time. So saimo andati on the bus. We did so well working it all out that I gave INSTRUCTIONS in italian to an italian bus driver . He was driving along and pulled up to ask where a piazza was – he was a tour bus so I  – IN MY BEST ITALIAN gave him directions. Very funny. We caught the  bus to Tolarno – if it were down the coast a little it would make the Cinque Terre the Six Terre! It was gorgeous and pretty and hilly, little houses up and down, rough waves , people walking – but locals . We even saw a birthday party for a little girl called Aurora. The little girls were running all over the village.
We caught the bus back down the coast to Lerici and Bertie picked us up at 6. We went out with her friends Patrizia and Massimo to a local and very popular pizza place. It was packed with young locals and chatting and using their mobile phones.

We called into another friend Gabrielle – a builder who has renovated his house and has a lovely apartment underneath. It’s about 5 mins from Bertie’s place and easy distance from the coast – so if anyone wants and authentic italian experience – its the place.

Today another italian lesson with Illaria. It’s one on one and I learn alot.
Well I can hear the church bells and so its time to go – andiamo!. I’ll download some photos now.

Just returned from our day today.
Italian lesson followed by lunch outside Sarzana on a little agritourismo . Had the local speciality Panigarci. Then went to a beautiful winery for a tasting. Now for a sleep before dinner out with friends

One thought on “La Bella Vita!

  1. As I read I am sitting her smiling – just imagining you giving the instructions to the bus driver and chatting away like a local. The weather looks great – quite mild. Russia will be a little different later this week!


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