Almost time to leave Italy

Our last few days have flown. Pip and I had a little trip to La Spezia yesterday. Bertie was feeling tired and needed a rest so we made her promise to rest and we caught he bus. Not as easy as it sounds here in Italy. Still we made it. We both bought a cashmere cardi and a few little things then on the return trip stopped by Trebiano – another small village nearby . 

I’ll show a few more photos – that will give you a look at what we are up to. 
The weather has been great. Today we went to Porta dei Marmi  – its by the water and very exclusive – with VERY BIG name shops. The markets were on and they were pretty exclusive as well. Wish I could bring home some things!. Bertie did a little shop and we encouraged her! After coffee we went to Castlenuovo – a very OLD town  – yes on the top of a hill. It was siesta time and was so quiet. We managed to run into the only other tourists there and they were Australians. Mother and daughter – food reviewers fro Sydney. The daughter may now visit Rob in Barcelona! No not matchmaking just being friendly (though she is Lovely).

This afternoon we’re packing and sorting and planning dinner out. It’s Bertie’s birthday tomorrow – and we leave so we’re having a celebrations tonight.

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