We drove through rain to Kilkenny and between showers the sun came out. We like to think its us! Kilkenny s a lovely town on a river with its very own castle.

We found  our hotel. All the good B&Bs were booked as its the bank holiday this weekend. So we arrived at the rather lovely Hibernian  Hotel and found it was lovely. They gave us an upgrade to a suite ! We thought lucky us but it seems it could be a backhander as she warned there maybe noise due to the late night disco on the ground floor. Yikes! But there were double glazed windows so we slept v well.

That afternoon we visited the castle and like everything else it  is very old and gradually being done up. It’s set in beautiful grounds. We walked around the town, window shopping and visiting churches. I must say for a catholic country it doesn’t feel very catholic. In fact the religion seems to be drinking ! There are so many pubs. I’ve developed a taste for Guinness and cider.

We had a really great dinner at Zuni a small restaurant we found near the hotel and the food was lovely.

We spent the night in the “suite” and didn’t hear the pub noise, though the next morning they told us it lasted till 3am! My earplugs worked well.

The next morning we walked around the v quiet town and took some photos before heading for Kinsale and onto Kenmare.

We have a VW polo and Steve is enjoying driving…. I think! I’m enjoying being a passenger. 

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