Last day in England

We toured Canterbury Cathedral and were in awe at the size and sense of majesty. It’s the place where Thomas Beckett was killed and has been thoughtfully restored.
After leaving town we headed for Rochester and the start of Steve’s nostalgia trip. He has done so much research on the background of his Grandfather and has written and published the history of his Grandfather and family, after he and sister Marg made a trip there several years ago.
Rochester is a very pleasant small town south of London .

 We walked around the town, saw the castle and the rather lovely Cathedral had coffee and far welled Pip. She is returning to London for 2 more days before heading off to NY. We’ve had a great time with her along. She has a great sense of humour and we had lots of laughs together….and the line ‘I love Murphy’s” became our catch cry . It came from Ireland where we overheard a young boy plaintively telling his mum “I love Murphy’s” as he passed the ice cream shop (made by Murphy’s of course!)  ……you had to be there.

After leaving Pip we continued the tour . The hospital  where his uncle was brought when he died falling from a cliff. The cliff itself, the various houses…..etc….. It was interesting and mad my little trip to McGann’s pub look very insignificant.

We drove on to Crawley in the late afternoon and met up with Pat my friend coming to Italy with me. We hd dinner and now I  use get to bed.

So , domani Italia…… Buona Sera.

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