Lovely Lerici

Hello Readers
It’s been awhile and the reason is – it’s  just so beautiful here and we are so laid back I find it hard to get to the wine bar to get my free dose of wifi.
We are swimming daily with the nonnas. They are gorgeous to watch – and we are loving observing them. There’s a lot to be said for a daily swim and chat.
This is followed by cafe and sometimes gelati!
We went to the Cinque Terre yesterday by boat. A very good way to see it and reminded me of ten years ago when I was here with Wendy and Ginetta.
It was very busy and so hot. We got our own deck chair and umbrella at Monterossa and we wanted to swim. The water is blue , aqua but not as clean here as in Lerici!
Tonight we are off to dinner at a lovely enotecca and then a jazz and blues session at one of the cafes

Oops I can here the bells and they are chiming ave Maria. It happens at 8pm every night. Bliss

As we sit here sipping Prosecco I can see the little blue train making it rounds along to the next beach, people back from the beach dressing up for dinner, music from the cafe, gelati eating kids, A man in a bright pink shirt and white shorts looking very gorgeous, ladies in white linen, a few English tourists smiling, boats bobbing, lights starting to come on as it’s 8.15, children playing games, people reading menus,  all of it entrancing.
Tomorrow we are going to go to the nearby island Palmaria for a swim and lunch. Then in the evening  to a nearby village for the Sagra – a summer festival kind of night and they focus on a food. This one is snails!
I’m sitting in my new vestiti de  cotone , molti colori con  fiore ( cotton flowered dress)

Hope you are all well. Send email or comments – its lovely hearing from you .

One thought on “Lovely Lerici

  1. What a beautiful picture you painted with your description of Monterossa! I could see what you saw and hear the sounds too…..bellissima.

    I am really enjoying your posts Fran and I know that when you finally get back (to reality) you will enjoy reading them back and reliving your adventures.

    Not quite so exciting here. I have just finished Book Week which is a huge and exhausting week. The jasmine is blooming and the temperature is rising so winter is finally almost over. Haven't seen any of the girls for a while but we do plan to have dinner one night soon before the Wilsons leave for their holiday.
    Ben is coming home in two weeks time so David and I will have to get used to sharing the house again. We have quite enjoyed not having to think of anyone else's needs and become a little selfish. We will be encouraging him to find his own place but given the rental market that could take some time.
    My Italian lessons continue, and although I do enjoy them, I also struggle. Only going once a week is not enough I find. We began i verbi futuro last week….and oh how I love verbs! The good bits about Italian language is I get to enjoy even more the Italian Film Festival which is coming up soon.
    Anyway, keep up your posts Fran and keep on enjoying your 59th year celebration.


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