White Night

What a night it was! Thousands of people mostly locals all wandering around the town. Bands playing different styles of music in each piazza. People eating , dancing, kids chasing balloons, shops  selling full on late into the night. . We had dinner in the ancient Anfiteatre with a band belting out old favourites.
Then just on midnight a spectacular light show . A real one -as finally Lucca was going to get some rain. And down it came about 12.30am just as we got home.
It poured for a few hours so I can only imagine  how soaked everyone got.
Took ages to go to sleep listening to the rain , the people and the sirens.
Our apartment here is in an ancient building on the 3 rd floor opposite the Guigni tower. It’s 2 bedroom, spotless, views over the roof tops and free wifi!

We are also opposite an old church with Pucini concerts each evening -so that’s where we will be at least one night this week.

The next morning it was COOL so after breakfast  we walked around the walls of Lucca. For those who know Lucca you know how beautiful that is.  It was fresh and shaded as the sun came out. Lots of bikes but today we walked. It was gorgeous.
Finished with coffee and back to the apartment to freshen up for the afternoon activities which included a stroll around the rain washed streets. The shops stayed closed  all day so things were quiet.
Saw lots of art students drawing and painting and I thought I really should be getting my sketch book book out. Di Kelly gave me a lovely little sketch book to encourage some drawing. I will do it !

In the evening we found a lovely little trattoria called Sergios and it was a really good family run place. I had wild boar stew with polenta. Yum

Tomorrow will visit the language school which happens to around the corner!
Then a bus ride to nearby Barga

Ci vediamo readers

One thought on “White Night

  1. I'm sooo envious… everthing just sounds o wonderful! Your secriptions Fran make me feel like I'm right there. Barga is going up into the mountains isn't it? We were hoping to get up that way & around the Garfagnana region but it was a bit far from where we were staying & we ran out of time so I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts! I remember (& so does Dad) the wonderful pizza we had in Lucca in the Piazza Anfiteatro. Keep up the blogs – loving it!


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