Beautiful Barga

Woke early! Walked to the bus station near one of the ancient gates and bought the tickets ( all in Italian of course, by ourselves)

The bus ride takes  about an hour driving through a valley which changes from light industrial to pretty river, to power station , back to little towns. Then the climb up the hills to Barga. Steep corners and the bus tooting  as it approaches each corner. Quite entertaining.
We arrived at the old town gate and started to walk . Up. It’s a lovely quiet town with winding streets all leading to the Duomo on the very top of the hill. It so beautiful and quiet and much be gorgeous in winter in the snow.

We had coffee on a verandah overlooking   the valley and checked out the numerous roof tops and then the art shops. We wandered through the churches and up and down the streets …. Then had lunch. Yum. Ricotta  spinach pasta.

Got back to Lucca around 4 and strolled home. Now washing and writing and having wine. Tonight another concert. This one across the road at the music academy. We have been listening to the rehearsals  for two days so thought we should go to the live concert!

More later. In case your are missing photos…. Check out Facebook . I am having a vesper spotting competition 

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