Today we got up early and set off for the bus at 9.30. Well not all that early for you readers. It it was for us! The crowd at the bus stop grew and grew until we realised we wouldn’t all fit on the bus. Sure enough it came and we being the little quiet Aussie girls were at the back of the queue. There was nearly an “incidentee” until the driver promised to get another bus along in 10 mins. Well sure enough it came and we got a seat. We arrived in Verona and set off for Guiliettes house Hague. It was a crush of people and completely spoilt the atmosphere . W spent the day walking and exploring this lovely small city with its churches, Opera arena, bridges and lovely bridges.

We managed to find the bus stop and returned to Bardolino in time for an aperitif .  This was followed by dinner and lots of chatting. We love having this time together and every night thank God for allowing us this time together. ( not to mention our husbands)

So many funny stories from today
The wedding in the chapel at the Cathedral ( what mother of the bride would wear homi peds at her daughters wedding – in Italy the home of the shoe) Tacky.
However in the Chapel we listened to the singer getting ready. It was beautiful. The priest came over to us ( we were by now sitting in the 15 th century choir stalls) and spoke to us about the history of the chapel .

The bus driver : stopping  at a stop : a young mother with a baby wanting to get on. Driver tells her to put the stroller under the bus! She looks puzzled: he  smiles and suggests she fold it up with the baby inside: then he hops down : holds  the baby while she folds the stroller. This was hard for her : so another young man hops off and helps her . All the while the driver is cuddling the baby. He cooes and smiles and the people on the bus all smile and clap: end of story!

Arriving back in Bardolino we went back to the same bar by the water front for a drink and the waiter remembered us and our order. This is why I love Italy!


This is a beautiful place to spend a few days or more!
Today some great markets, a lovely lunch , an aperitif and dinner at a lovely little restaurant . Tomorrow off to Verona.

Narelle bought a great leather coat from Pasquale! He was the true Italian charmer. She couldn’t make up her mind. The coat was gorgeous but it was expensive. He was doing his best and then didn’t like it when I suggested she think about it and come back! He used all his charm and she finally agreed on a price and the deal was done! Check out the photo on Facebook!

Bought some lovely red loafers at the markets. Anne and I are having a scarf competition! Andwe all bought some colourful Italian china.

Lovely dinner at a little family run trattoria . Though we think they are over the summer and ready for a break! Not quite as friendly as they could be! Food however was delicious.

A wander along the water front, a little dance in the piazza near our apartment and bed.