Lovely day at the markets and exploring this lovely small city in Provence.

I love markets but even I have to admit defeat! I’ve seen most of the things on show at several other markets. So as much as I love going I am almost shopped out and just really enjoy the atmosphere.

I think the best markets I’ve seen these holidays would have to be in Bardolino. I was there with Anne and Narelle and we had so much fun and the things on the stalls were so very good. Who could forget the leather coat man, the coloured wallets, the cotton knickers, the Italian pottery, the shoes etc.
Today’s markets were good but there were too many scarves and too many winter clothes.

The food was good and we bought lots of things for dinner.Tonight we cooked veal roast with winter roasted veggies followed by poached pears and chocolate sauces. Delicious.

Then the lights went out! Much confusion ! But eventually they came on again and we finished dinner.

Tomorrow we’re off toTourtour about half an hour away. Fingers crossed for more fine weather. Driving through the country side is so beautiful at the moment. The trees are losing their leaves and look so golden and red, surrounded by a mountain of leaves.

 Really magic .