Tuesday Il Rousse

Woke to a very warm day after. A lovely dinner last night on the beach. Usually restaurants on the beachfront are a little bit of a rip off but this one had great reports on various websites so we gave it a go.
It was just lovely. We choose a table just on the edge of the decking – not the sand for us! It was a lovely night and we had such a lovely meal. The fish here is great. ……..

On the deck

relaxing dinner

This morning we went for walk and Steve found a rather steep walk down to the water for a swim. I had thongs on so was too scared to venture down . He set off and I thought he would never stop swimming. Almost disappeared! and attracted a crowd of interested spectators.

SO i left him to it and walked back towards the hotel and found a more sedate rocky cove to enter the water. It was quiet and I was the only one swimming. Its funny…..I would never do this in Australia. with sharks and rips etc. Here my greatest fear is the STINGER! by the way my face has almost recovered. Mind you the sea urchin spikes in my knee haven’t all fallen out just yet!

After breakfast we took the road behind ill Rousse and discovered the Artisans trail. It’s a little like visiting a French style Maleny. Several hill towns with people working away in their little houses – caves really. We did our bit for the economy and bought a few little things. Music boxes, folk music CD, pottery jug, and a lovely lunch with a view back towards the coast. Steve would loved to have been driving his MG but it was hair raising enough on the narrow roads for me.

Just a little squeeze. No traffic people. Just you and the digger!

One little place Pigna has at least 10 craft “shops” to visit.     Perfect!

Music boxes from Pigna

We drove back to town and headed for the hotel. After a little rest time ( we are getting used to siesta) i decided another swim would be good and I took off to people watch on the long sandy beach .
the lifesaver was walking up and down the busy beach carrying large fins. I guess if someone got into trouble he could don the fins and swim to them faster.

I wandered back and we prepared for our aperitif . I have developed a slight addiction to strawberry mojitos! The strange girl at our hotel bar came with it and after a few sips I decided it was sans alcohol ! I went in and said it wasn’t very good (not like the night before) and so her friend took many slurps and said “its ok! ” and handed it back. At this stage I almost laughed out loud and said I’d like a fresh one. I got it and I really hope she didn’t spit in it!. AND it was definitely with alcohol the second time.

Dinner tonight was at a place highly recommended and the fish was so fresh it was jumping. We had the choice of fresh fish  – escorted to our table by the owner and we found it hard to choose. The cute pink one? the slightly shy looking pale grey one? the sturdy looking one with multiple fins or the grand one for two!

What a fish. Delicious. with a beautiful caper sauce.

And so to bed………

Me enjoying the fresh fish…..and the wine

Calvi to Ile Rousse Monday

Today we were up and off to the beach not far from our hotel.
Lovely white sand and a really nice place to spend some time.
After a swim a little petit dejeuner – cafe, baguette and orange juice. I’ll have to get my fruit intake later!

Then it was off to the Citadel and with an audio guide we found out about Nelson losing his eye, Christopher Colombus being born and then dying in Calvi (after he discovered America), and other stories about how the French won everything they ever went in!

Then it was down the road 22km to Algajola where our friend has an apartment. Its a gorgeous little beachside village. Not pretentious, just quiet and charming and would be a great place for a holiday. Almost wish we were staying here with Inky (aka Ian) and Ali so its a pity he couldn’t come from London and host us. The wind had whipped up a little so no swim – we just had to move on to a lovely lunch at one of the beachside cafes. When in France have a salad Nicoise and or Moules – mussels which we did with a fresh Rose.

Of course Steve had to check out the life saving arrangements at the beach – and I think the lifesavers (the Sappeurs Pompiers)  thought it was a spot inspection by the French lifesaving movement!

There were lots of camping areas to stay and a great set of cabins just on the beach which kind of looked like “Binna Burra by the sea”

We continued into the next village where are staying for 2 nights and are right on the water and it sounds just like Caloundra. We roamed the shops before checking in and Steve once again “won” the shopping. He bought two shirts and a pair of shorts. I managed just one cotton dress.

Now is afternoon siesta time and catch up with the blog and emails before we walk along the promenade into the Ville for dinner.

This is the life!