Last morning in Hydra

Our last day on the island dawned with the usual cacophony of noises starting at 7am. 
I’m sitting writing this to the echoes of a saw, dogs barking, donkeys baying, people chattering, school kids talking, a lady sweeping the terrace and a cat meowing. 
It makes it  all rather real though as if living in a little country town by the sea. 
After we pack its down to the harbour for coffee, a visit to the museum, a walk around the other headland, lunch and onto the ferry at 3. We are seriously hoping the water is not too rough today.

Views from the fort on the headland


My friend Kerrie, who recommended Hydra to me, told me when she travelled here,  everyone (but her)  was vomiting into bags being handed out by the staff – Kerrie, you didn’t mention that before!  
Really it’s not too bad and I too would recommend Hydra. 

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