Packing! Enough or too much!


Here are the clothes rolled and ready to go.

I’ve got everything rolled and ready. Yes I’m a firm believer in rolling my clothes. It really does save on creases.
I’ve tried to keep to a few key colours. Black & white, stripes and a dash of colour.
I always include a scarf or two to add colour and warmth.
I do things in 3’s. Pants, dresses, shorts, t-shirts and shirts, scarves and of course the cashmere cardigan I take everywhere.
Shoes: always a bug bear. I’m taking my ‘sketchers’ ( yes girls you know how comfortable they are) my new Frankie4 footwear shoes , red sandals and an old “worn in”  black sandal I swear I’ll leave there!
So time and photos will tell if I’ve got it right.

Look out for me in the clothes you can see rolled!

3 thoughts on “Packing! Enough or too much!

  1. Glad to read you ready to go and all is well rolled and co-ordinated .Looking forward to the updates and fashion photos !
    Have a wonderful trip and safe travels xx


  2. Great packing. Fran. I just returned tonight from my 24 days away, still with only carry-on. It’s challenging but so liberating. Even managed to shop for togs,dresses and scarves (and a handbag!) in the markets of Turkey and Greece. I agree with all of your comments, rolling is the answer, scarves change a look so easily and can double as sarongs and one other tip is to carry a Turkish towel , it also rolls up small, and has lots of uses. Travel safely xxx


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