Hugs for my big boy Cambodia style

After a short but sweet stay in Singapore we boarded our Silk air flight to Siem Reap. 

We flew in over the rice paddy fields and patchwork farms to Siem Reap to find Pete and El waiting for us at the ‘International Airport’. 

Passing through customs was a funny adventure. We lined up for our visa with passport, paperwork and photo in hand. You shuffle up to the counter, pay your money and wait as your passport is passed along a line of at least 5 people who all do something to it. 

It arrives at the last man who starts to call names. From the scrum of people waiting in a disorderly clusters  you push through as you hear your name. ‘Angela’ ….Thomas ….and eventually Frances ! 

Hello Cambodia. 

Oh it was wonderful to see Pete, hug him and El and start our journey in Cambodia. 

We headed to the hotel in the hotel courtesy van in a busy part of town. Pete and El had arrived early that morning and had already made friends with all the hotel staff. The hotel is not far from Pub Street which comes alive at night. After staying in Tarifa it seems we know how to find the fun end of any town! 

We met Ken ( definitely not the way to spell his name) our hotel supervision who was so very friendly and showed us to our room on the second floor above the street scape of tuk tuk drivers, building renovations, beeping horns, hammers banging, foot spas and so much more. 

Off we ventured to the streets below to checkout the local scene. But really all we wanted to do was talk. Remember we haven’t seen Pete and El in nearly 1 year. So we found a nice shady bar and sat our selves down for a juice. Or was it too early for a beer. Pete and Steve decided it wasn’t,  so beers for the boys. 

The weather is great. Not as hot as Brisbane. Ken our hotel manager said it was winter which lasts about 2 days! So we made our plans for visits to Ankor Wat, the museum, markets and of course the day spa for a massage. 

Our conversation flowed and then suddenly it was lunch. So after another walk through the little streets we found a lovely local place and ordered. Fish salad for me,curry for the boys and El. Delicious. 


After lunch we visited the local markets, surprisingly clean and orderly,  where the ladies squatted amongst  vegetables, girls threaded beads and tuk tuk drivers touted for business. Pete used his Khymer language skills and managed to get the price down on some coconut bowls. Then we got the cotton wraps. Another bargain. Markets are fairly much the same all over the world. They certainly weren’t as aggressive or shrill as the Chinese or as persistent as the Vietnamese. The sellers, mostly female were quiet , friendly and helpful. 

We even bought a book Pete recommended and I have been wanting to read.  

The afternoon was spent wandering the streets, crossing the small green river and visiting a quiet area with a Wat or temple with a reclining Buddha. 

A quick afternoon nap. 

Then dinner. 

3 thoughts on “Hugs for my big boy Cambodia style

  1. The world through Fran’s eyes… I love your travel blog. Please give our best to Pete and Elena (and Steve). Safe travels. Enjoy.


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