Day 2. Late Breakfast and swim

We decided on a late breakfast followed by a swim in the roof top pool. Always a good way to start a sight seeing day. 

Then some more tripping around.  The streets along the river are full of little shops and stalls, everyone trying to make a living : some selling fresh sugar cane juice, wooden items at such a low cost it seems mean not to buy something! And the sculptures along the river walk are whimsical and fun. Elephants, crocodiles, Buddhas , feather dusters and little wooden cages I thought were for birds but are little spirit cages. The Cambodians are wonderfully superstitious. 

Pete has some wonderful stories to tell of people he’s met and the tales they’ve told him. This includes the funny children in his class who apparently as well as calling him Teacher Peter have lots of other little names for him. Seems he’s quite popular with the children. 


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