Sunset over Kampot River

Back from the cooking class and an hour to change. Tuk tuk waiting at the front of the guest house. 

No time to lose. Sunsets don’t wait. Neither do the boats! 

We made it and they have beer on board which makes Steve and Pete quite happy. 


view of the rover from our balcony

We got on the boat at Riverside with 2 minutes to spare with Peter the South African from our guest house. My goodness he asked a lot of questions. Best not say too much about him! 

The cruise got underway and it was great to see the river from a boat. To cruise past some of the places built along the banks including the spa we went to the other day and Greenhouse where we spent many hours on Christmas Day ( and just might be the venue of  Pete and El’s Cambodian wedding next December) It was lovely.  

settling in for a sundowner


Villa Vedici. some family & friends could stay here for the wedding


bungalows on the river. love to stay here.

Then the sun in all its glorious colours began to set. Stunning. I know I said it last night but it’s done it again! It’s gorgeous!  


After the cruise we tuk tukked to Samon villa on the river to meet up with friends of Pete ‘s from PP. in fact his Principal and his yr 4 teaching partner Gary from the UK. 

  A lovely last night

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