Lost in the thermal springs at Whitianga

Would we regret our decision to hit the thermal pool this morning?

Would there be too many people there to enjoy it? After visiting yesterday afternoon I was slightly concerned the thermal pools would be awash with cocktails and pee.

But I need not have worried. It was amazing.

Listening to to the heavy rain last night I was lulled to sleep wondering if our time at Coromandel would be grey and rainy but the morning was clear and blue, so after breakfast at Diana,  our absent B&B hostess’ house / apartment,  we arrived at Lost Springs.

A quick change and we were easy for some therapeutic action.

image image

We started in the warm pool and would work our way up to the hot pool –  it was gorgeous. So relaxing, so calming and so much fun.   I floated and flipped,   we chatted and laughed , we drank water and moved to the hotter pool. Oh boy ! like a massage without the rubbing hands.

We took a break and ordered drinks. No big cocktails for us – though I do think my therapy girls group would love a day in this magic place. With cocktails!

image image

Our 2 hours for $38 came to an end and we showered off and made it to the car for the second part of our trip to Coromandel. We were heading for the Driving Creek railway. Rockin’ rollin’ ridin’

Along the way we saw the most amazing sights.

image image image

Driving Creek Railway and Potteries is the vision of Barry Bricknall,  who started his career as a science teacher but quickly  moved on and became a potter. He was collecting clay from the hills in the area and eventually starting building a 15 gauge rail line up through the forested area above Coromandel town. It’s become a very profitable business and is a great way to see the views. We had a great ride and loved the views.



The afternoon was one of those perfect weather days, so we explored the area a little and nearly took a swim in the bay near Coromandel.


Talk about a letter box with a view! They look like mini beach shacks.

We finished the day with an evening walk, a drink at the pub and a delicious dinner at Peppertree restaurant. Try it if you are in the area.

So an end to a beautiful day. Thank you Wilsons.

3 thoughts on “Lost in the thermal springs at Whitianga

  1. It looks like a beautiful place to visit. Thank you for the wonderful pictures and awesome commentary. I picked up another Aussie-ism: “… like a box of chocolates”. Safe travels.


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