Wedding Fever

Who doesn’t like a wedding?

My family certainly do. None more so than me!

I have been told on good authority that the way for parents to plan a wedding is to:

1. Keep all advice to oneself.

2. Allow the kids to do all the planning.

3. Write a cheque.

4.  See no. 1!

I will try and remember this with Cambodia coming up!

Well whoever had a say in my beautiful niece Pip’s  wedding to Hugh Smith did a great job.

It was a perfect day. Warm weather,  clear skies and all the cousins together. For Steve and I to have our two boys together is such a treat. So here they are all dressed up with Pete’s fiancé Elena and Rob’s partner Jordan.

It was held at St Joseph’s College Hunters Hill, a school famous for its rugby, but to me memorable because my father John and my brother John both boarded there when it was all boarding not day students. It’s a beautiful school with traditional sandstone buildings and rose gardens any gardener would be proud of.

As it turned out Pip’s now husband Hugh from Wagga also attended Joeys. Pip’s dad and Granddad would have been smiling down thrilled with with her perfect match.

Pip arrived and took away my breath  with her beauty and composure.


Pip looking stunning with her best maids : Felicity, Anna Anna and Claire

Our cousin James McCarthy – mentioned in my last blog on Family Reunions – married them.

The reception was at Orso on the water at the Spit and the whole night was fun tinged with sadness that John couldn’t be there to walk his beautiful daughter down the aisle and hear her speak so eloquently.

A family night to remember.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Fever

  1. Pip was a beautiful bride. Beautiful shots of your family as well. Congratulations to the happy couple. Thanks for the back story on “Joey’s”.


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