Never too late to start a new career

Am I too old?

Am I able to learn something new?

Sure I can……..

Over the past two days I’ve had the opportunity to write two applications.

Both involve blogging and I’m excited.

The first one is with Swim Trek. As you know Steve and I do swimming holidays and I usually blog about it.

Swim trek recently advertised for a guest blogger to submit daily blog posts about the trek.

I shot off an application and have just heard they have accepted me.

How exciting. They will publish my posts from our July swim trek in Montenegro, on their website  – so lots more readers.

The second application is for Luxury Escape Travel. They are looking to give a  Senior Internship ( a little like the movie The Intern).They train you up for a few days then send you off to Luxury resorts to both blog and vblog about the experiences.

Pick me I say.

Not feeling as confident about this one. There are so many talented people out there. But I’ll give it a go.

Fingers xxxxx It would be great fun and give me great experience.

I’ll let you know how I go.

Wish me luck – in the comments box.





14 thoughts on “Never too late to start a new career

  1. Good luck, Fran! I know Lisa and I always enjoy reading of your adventures and the summary of Italian choices is a keeper. I see YouTube in your future as well (or is that what vblog is?). Any how, my money is on you.



  2. Wow!, Frances you know my thoughts already ,you are never too old to start a new adventure and I look on a new career in the same light !
    The SwimTrek 🏊🏼 blog has always made for great reading and you will no doubt make it even more so .
    Wishing you the very best for the Luxury Escapes ✈️ and a big congratulations on Swim Trek.
    Love Ginetta
    Ps Any luxury escapes Steve is unable to accompany you ,I am free ( not quite ready for the Swim Trek but am working on it)


  3. Good on you Fran! Your past swim track blogs have been fantastic,so they obviously know a talent when they find one.
    Luxury holidays – now that would be a hard task! If Steve can’t go I’ll arm wrestle Ginetta for the spot.


  4. Of course you are not too old. This is the most exciting time of life I think. Congratulations on the Swim Trek opportunity and good luck for Luxury Escapes (I applied too but haven’t heard anything from them). It will be a fun opportunity for the winner ☺


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