Cambodian wedding

Experiencing  a wedding in a different country is an special thing. Elina and Peter wanted to begin their wedding day in a traditional Cambodian way. 

We thought it was to be a dawn – but the monks said that was too early ! 

So at 7 am our party of 15, staying together at Villa Vedici, boarded a small boat for the hour long journey up river. By tuk tuk it’s about a half hour but by water it’s very beautiful. 

We passes simple wooded huts and fishing boats and sat in the early morning sun until Greenhouse came into view. They had set up and area under the deck by the river and a small Cambodian band were making music. 

We went to the top deck for coffee and then when the monks arrived made our way to the area set aside for us. 

Family  sat either side of The bride and groom. Svetlana and El’s brother Eugenie and Steve and myself. 

The monks began their chanting. It went on and on. We held our hands in prayer position and almost entered a meditative state. 

We were blessed with water then after about half and hour it appear to be ove but we needed the offering to the monks. Money in an envelope. One for each monk and one for the facilitator. 

It ended to loud claps from the friends and we headed back upstairs for the breakfast. 

Back to the hotel by tuk tuk for a swim, lunch and a little sleep. We need to regain our energy for the second wedding this afternoon. 

And so the celebrations continue. And why not!