Happy New Year

The passing of one year and the beginning of another gives us the chance to look back, reflect and then begin again.

Would I change things?

Last year was wonderful in many ways but so hard in others.

We faced all kinds of challenges. A swim trek in Montenegro where I swam long distances so much more confidently and made a whole new group of friends.

The weekends away with my gorgeous friends  to Byron Bay and to Sunshine Beach –  the bonds of many years being reinforced.

Our family visits to Sydney to my beautiful sister and her fun loving  children and grandchildren. Two family weddings

Visits and a wedding with Steve’s sister and her children. So many laughs together.

Lots  of lovely weekends at the coast with Rob and Jordan.

Then the accident. A life changer.

But it made me realise how important family and friends are to our life. Without our family and friends it would have been so much harder.

Just to recall the messages- emails, texts, phone calls, received during those weeks in Cambodia and Bangkok. It makes us feel gratitude.

The hugs, the food, the offers of help – all so appreciated.

The way Peter’s friends, our friends, acquaintances and complete strangers donated money to try and make life a little easier for he and Elena. It was a little overwhelming.

The quickly organised Brisbane wedding where everyone rallied offering help  for the wedding party.

The trip to Cambodia for the wedding. It all turned out as they had planned. Such a happy momentous occasion.

So we move into 2017 recharged after our holiday at the beach: swimming , chatting on the beach and driving around in the new mini moke. This year has plenty on offer.

Travel, family occasions, fun things with friends, another family wedding in Sydney and a new leg and new life for Peter and Elena.

What do we want this year? We just want good health for all.