Lost day in Guayaquil

We were the first to fly out of the swim trek group. An 8.10 flight to Guayaquil. I was feeling very unwell – my head cold had really taken hold and after the dinner last night I got very little sleep.

Oh well only a flight to Guayaquil a night there and an early start for Cusco.
We walked along the river front with lots of locals and watched various displays put on by the Army, Navy, Airforce recruiters.

Finally found somewhere for lunch – the Naval Sailing Club. Very old fashioned but it was fine.

Then the heat got to us and we returned to the Palace, our hotel, after which I headed out to the pharmacy and mimed my sore throats and congested nose. They sell drugs by the tablet. I was given 6 tablets and 8 lozenges. Hope I’m better by the time I’ve finished them!

Dozed and read and worked on my blog. Good downtime. I think we would have enjoyed Quito better. Some of the Swim Trekkers headed there on their way to Cusco or back home.

So a bowl of the local potato and corn soup for dinner – great for a cold.

Then to bed ready for an early wake up call for a 6 am taxi to the airport.
We flew via Lima and arrived in Cusco around 2.30.

I sat next to the loveliest 9 year girl called Johanna. At least I think that’s what she said. We were amused when she blessed herself on take-off at there mother’s prompting. We mimed lots, as my Spanish is awful and her English non existent. I did try Italian but that just confused her.

We were met at the airport by Yannick, a German, the representative of Chimu South American travel.

First impressions of Cusco. 


A mix of colours. Both on the people – their colours can be so colourful and in their window displays.

Balconies on the buildings with flowers like in Germany! Or Spain.

Cobbled and paved streets.

Lots of restaurants. And hostels and young people.

I was a little worried about altitude sickness but we drank the cocoa tea, avoided alcohol ( no hardship as I’m full of a cold) and had a small meal at Green Organics. It’s a fabulous little restaurant and I’d love to return.

So no effect on the first night.

We took things slowly as we have been so busy all last week.

Tomorrow a sleep, in then a city tour with Chimu Tours.

Can’t wait to explore

Guest Blog

Today I’m including a guest blog from my new friend and swimming buddy, the whip smart, very funny Alex/ Lexie Harrison-Cripps.

It descibes her day after we all left and describes to alternate boats trips.

Here it is. Thanks Lexie

Hi Everyone,

San Cristóbal is fantastic. I travelled over on a luxury yacht where they supplied endless gin and tonics and mantas hung out on the edges ready to provide shade if you needed it. They have trained the sea lions here to assist you in any way you need, so they act as taxis, waiters and even sun loungers (which isn’t that pleasant as the sea lions smell a bit). There are so many land iguanas here they are having to cull them and have a big BBQ. I was also surprised to learn that they censor the news so nothing about Trump can get to this Island. The bag checks consist of any literature or podcasts that may contain such references. Fortunately they took my sun burn line from my swimming hat as a sign of a recent lobotomy to delete all such knowledge.*

*alternative version: boat was the same as ours to Isabella except twice the amount of people, giving it the feeling of refugees escaping an island, and being the last one on meant that I tested out my English skin in the sun for 2 hours. I adopted Steve’s method of hiding under my Turkish towel and using my baseball cap to keep it in place -it was a strong look. Highlights of the trip were watching the rays do flips next to our boat. It seems similar here to the other Islands although a lot more sea lions. I went for a swim today but definitely felt lost without my (far more) adventurous swim buddy. I even had to buy my own ice cream afterwards!!!

I haven’t heard to call of the Galapagos Step-hen yet, but I shall listen out for ‘Frannnnneeeeee’ just to check if they exist here on this island too.

Andrew, I hope that you are feeling better. That foot will surely need to heal before getting near any of the hygiene hazards that present in our London pools.

Lexie. Xx

Thanks Lexie for the laugh! Loved meeting you on Swim Trek. Had dinner with Bill tonight. How come you had the key and poor Mumma Betty had to sleep on the couch! Bill said he wasn’t pleased you didn’t swim on the last morning!