Cycling in Hoi An. Come along…….

Today we decided to beat the heat and go for a cycle through the quiet streets and Paddy field surrounding Hoi An. 

Our home stay is half way between the old town and the beaches and it’s easy to get out of the traffic and cycle in calm. 

Off we went…… come along with me. 

Trinh pumped up tyres and we assembled in the courtyard. Marilyn looked gorgeous in her new orange silk pants and top. 

We turned down a quiet road behind the Homestay and greeted the men and women sweeping and building. There’s a lot of building going on in this small city. 

We passed lots of greenery and washing flapping in the warm breeze. 

Along the lane ways between the rice paddies we cycled. 

Past a duck farm. I wonder which restaurant they are headed to ?

Duck farm

Said good morning to a few cows 

Enjoyed the green slightly hazy views across the fields. 

Stopped for a photo. 

Saw several men fishing. 

Thanked the bicycle gods at the altar  for keeping us safe. 

Passed a few day spas and another cow or two. 

Then headed home for breakfast. 

Showered and refreshed we were treated to beautiful omelettes and the freshest of fruits. 

Then another little trip to the fabric shop before our planned manicure pedicure sessions. 

Oh what a time we’re having. 

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