Morning in Hoi An

We arrived back in Hoi An yesterday and headed straight to the Ha An our new hotel in the French Quarter near the Ancient town. 

It’s lovely-  well situated with lovely caring staff. 

We enjoyed the pool then had a walk in the local area. It’s full of little shops with ladies calling to you to visit and buy! 

I love walking the streets around here. It’s not as mad as the bigger Asian cities. There are no tuk Tuk tuks only cyclos , which are really for tourists – not for getting around. The buildings are in the old colonial style of the French who lived here developing homes and businesses. They are painted in aging ochre colours and house  fashionable shops these days. 

There are many cyclists and motorcycles but nobody speeds. 

This morning I got up early and went walking. I love watching the local people. Especially the older ones. They maintain old ways and are quietly friendly. 

The women in particular are out working hard. Cleaning away rubbish, selling fish and fruit at the markets, sweeping …..

The weather now is great. The real heat has gone. It’s warm not hot, rain is predicted but hasn’t come,  a little cloud cover, lower humidity. It won’t last. Summer is coming. 

Market time

After the walk it was back to the hotel for a great breakfast. The fruit is magnificent. 

Then the morning madness started. 

Off to another fabric market! 

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