La La in LA

We arrived in LA at 6am and we’re impressed with the speed through immigration and customs. Much better than when I was here about 8 years ago!

We got our VW SVU and headed to a MacDonalds to get free wifi to load a map onto our iPad. It’s a great substitute for expensive hire guidance from Avis. We also didn’t want to arrive st our friends before 7am!

We descended on them at 8am and spent time catching up and having breakfast before heading out to son Luke’s baseball game.

Our friend Dan and Izzy Garr live in Westchester about 10 mins from the airport but not under the flight path!

They have a large comfortable house they share with their two sons Max 16 and Luke 10.

We headed back towards the airport and experienced baseball! It took me back to sitting on the sidelines at cricket.

We rather liked the ‘code of conduct’ for Parents and Volunteers.

The action started and so did the snacking. It’s not baseball without a hot dog! For me it was popcorn.

Here is STEVE enjoying his hotdog with Dan and Issy’s Dad Max.

I liked this sign as well!

Izzy’s parents arrived and after about an hour and a bit her mum Giselle decided she and I were way too hot and we headed off to a large indoor market for a cool drink and lunch.

Outside in the car park this sign caught my eye.

Welcome to California where everything can be delivered to your door!

We’re now resting up before Dan and Izzy’s friends descend for a fondue with a difference.

Dan our friend from several swimming holidays, is a bit of an inventor. He has designed a large rotating fondue / bbq style thing that sits in the middle of a large round table and you ‘do it yourself’. Can’t wait!

8 thoughts on “La La in LA

  1. I don’t know wether you’ve already got a comment from me, but as I had password problems I’ll send it again – it’s great to follow your travels and see Steve with a beard!


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