Santa Barbara : Wedding Central

Our visit to LA was a wonderful prelude to what is to come. Our son’s wedding in Santa Barbara.

We managed to coordinate a pick up with our friends the Nalders from LAX and decided to drive along the coastal road 101 not the busier road 405. It’s more interesting to see the beaches and the wooden houses along the edge of the road. Millions of $$$$ because they perch on the sand. Or hover in the hills.

The drive was good but somehow took longer than we thought it would. I was excited as we haven’t seen Rob & Jordan for a year.

Santa Barbara is a mission style Art Deco City. It’s lovely. Beautiful buildings , lots of trees and a good feel.

The markets were on straight outside our hotel so we took a wander and waited for Jordan and Rob to appear.

The skies were blue and the architecture was interesting.

We visited the church for a rehearsal but with no bridesmaids or groomsmen it was a fairly quick rehearsal. The church Our Lady of Sorrows is important in the Donati family. Ann Donati , Jordan’s grandmother was married there 63 years ago and her great, great, great, great grandmother has a stained glass window above the altar with her Family name on it. Oralia. It’s Spanish.

The Church where the wedding will take place.

Jordan and her father having a little practice.

We followed this with a small family dinner. Jordan, Rob, Lisa, John and Steve and I.

Others arrive tomorrow. Let’s the celebration begin.

8 thoughts on “Santa Barbara : Wedding Central

  1. So exciting for you all. Church looks lovely too. Wasn’t Oralia the name of the girl with Colin Firth in your favourite movie Fran – Love Actually? Got to be a good omen. Looking forward to some photos. Best wishes to Jordan and Rob and hope the day is really memorable.


  2. So happy you’re enjoying family & friends & the beautiful weather in lovely Santa Barbara! What a gorgeous church ⛪ along with precious bridal memories. Good choice driving the coastal route, too. HWY 1 &101 are so scenic. Santa Barbara’s architecture reflects California’s Spanish/ Mission heritage perfectly. Take in every precious moment…


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