The Morning After

The day following a wedding is a day of exhaustion and exhilaration in equal measure.

The wedding finished on a high and the young partied on.

Some met new friends in the street and others just collapsed.

It was the most wonderful wedding. The relaxed super friendly atmosphere was reflected in the way people enjoyed everything. The venue was stunning, the drinks plentiful, the food fabulous – family shared plates of fresh local produce, the music fun and had everyone up dancing including 93yr old Uncle Billy from NY.

In the morning we all wandered down at various times to the very communal lobby and found Jordan relaxing with baby Poppy.

Baby Poppy is Jordan’s 3 month old niece. Her brother Joseph and sister in law Tacie’s gorgeous and very good baby. She partied until the end

and expressed exactly how we all felt this morning.

The remainder of the day was spent at lunch with various Australian and US friends and realty. We bid goodbye to some whilst others continued to party.

Especially my niece Clare never tires and I can’t wait for our week in Bali!

We had a low key pizza dinner at a big long table in a family style restaurant which suited our by now fading needs!

Then it was back to pack. The clothes and the memories.

Thank you to everyone who travelled so far. To all my therapy / book club / aqua friends who sent messages.

To my new in laws. We’re related now. Thank goodness. You have been incredible in the your planning and your generosity. Thank you Lisa and John.

It’s been wonderful.

Now onto NOLA or New Orleans.

5 thoughts on “The Morning After

  1. What a wonderful time for you Fran and your family ! The Wedding looked beautiful and sounded like lots of fun .
    Our turn soon ( June 1) in Byron Bay. Likewise , we are super excited . I’m up in Brisbane for the month , mid May – mid June . Can’t wait for an Aqua catch up . Hopefully you will be back from your travels by then .

    X Bernie

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    • Hi Bernie. Lovely to hear from you. It was a lovely wedding. I heard about your wedding from Tracey whose husband Peter works st BDO. He knows Rob as well. Let’s cat up when you’re in town.


  2. It was a perfect day. If I didn’t mention it at the reception (a few hundred times), we are also very happy to be related now. Your family and friends are so, so nice. Enjoy N’awlins.


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