Night out in Tharga

After the day’s activities at the muster we decided to join the party at the Bulloo River Hotel.

Walking the 700 metres to the hotel from our cabin site we started to wonder if it was really on. It was so quiet. But as we approached we saw 4 wheel drives lining the street.

Then the hum of voices from the lawn area adjoining the hotel.

Excitement mounting, we entered the hotel, bought a beer and moved to the outdoor area. There must have been 20 tables of 20 people eating and drinking trying to keep warm in the chilly night air.

The food was a roast & veg. We joined the queue and got our paper plate and were served by the volunteers – varying ages but all friendly.

We joined a table towards the back of the area – near the fire pits and got lucky. We sat with some lovely locals. Sue from Charleville, Lisa from Cunnamulla, both mental health nurses for Qld Health. Their husbands were there and made us very welcome.

Boy! They had some interesting stories about life in country towns.

Apparently Thargomindah is well run – with a local mayor and a policeman who do a great job. the Policeman has 5 children at the local school which brings its number to 25 and keeps it open.

The local council actually pay teacher salaries otherwise Qld education would close the school. Not viable! So the community subsidies the teachers.

We ate and drank and eventually too cold to stay we headed back to the cabin to watch the second half of the Wallabies game. And they won against France!!!

It was great spending time talking to locals. It’s not easy living in a remote community.

Tomorrow we head to Charleville.